3 Ways to Resurrect Your Organic Reach

As algorithms continue to develop and change, the organic reach of your pages’ posts are diminishing drastically. In order to incise you to pay to boost your content, social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram withhold the majority of your audience from you and until a new platform comes along, that’s the situation for social media.

However, not all hope is lost and we have 3 ways resurrect your organic reach…

Try a User Generated Campaign

If your audience are invested enough to create content for your brand, this is a quick method to reach a new potential audience based on their following.

The further the reach of content results in more engagement and therefore more organic reach. Untimely its better to share content from your audience than your audience sharing content from your page.

User generated campaigns can range from written reviews form your audience, a branded hashtag that your audience can join in with or a contest asking your audience to participate in an activity to win something.

Release the Correct Content

Facebook rewards your page for high levels of engagement. This is why you need to be selective with what your post.

The Facebook algorithm will review your levels of engagement based on how often you post. By being selective means you can surpass pages that aren’t and land a larger organic reach.

By study your analytics, all of the data for your target audience is available. through your page insights you can trace your current engagement and see what types of content you target audience engages with.

From here you can tailor not only what you release, but who sees it, what time it’s released and more.   

Give them a reason to stay invested 

Conveying your brand by offering value is key to provoke engagement. In order to develop more organic engagement, the value needs to be higher.

Competitions, freebies, educational content or just a quick entertaining video that tells your story and gives your audience a reason to invest their attention. All of these give value in order to develop a relationship with your advance.

Once your content is crating engagement you can invite any new people who have engaged but not yet liked your page to do so.

By keeping hold of new audience members they have appreciated your content and invested on your brand. These will be more willing to engage again when you continue to post in the future.

Organic reach isn’t going to return to its original form, but there are still ways to deliver your message to your audience organically and continue to build your online presence.

While organic reach is never going to be what it was even a few years ago, using the hacks above can help you recover some of what was lost.


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