3 Ways To Sell More Products Using Social Media

In a world overrun by technology, more and more people are turning toward their faithful devices to make everything from small everyday purchases to huge lifelong investments.

In 2018, online shopping is not only convenient and cheap, it’s completely safe too. If you’re a retailer, you may believe you need a website to get in on the action. However, today, there are other ways to get your products seen and sold online.

Social media has exploded in popularity in the past decade. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are enjoying quantities of followers that are unheard of in any organisation throughout history. Millions of users are online at any given moment from every corner of the globe, and thanks to a few nice new features, it’s easier than ever for businesses to market and sell to them.

Instagram Shopping

Instagram is all about incredible visuals. This makes it a great place to showcase your products to your audience and now, with Instagram Shopping, sell them to them as well.

Instagram Shopping enables businesses to post a photo and attach up to five product listings at once. Once someone clicks the image, they can be forwarded to pricing and product details that will either lead them to your website or allow them to buy it right there and then. With hashtags allowing millions of users the chance to see your products, all you need is professional, high-quality pictures to get the ball rolling.

Pinterest Buyable Pins

The new Buyable Pins feature has recently been added to the Pinterest platform in a bid to appeal to more retailers as a tool for selling their products.

With over 2 million new posts every day and an endless variety of categories to choose from, Pinterest is the place many people go for inspiration or ideas before making a purchase. When you post buyable pins, they’re showcased in the search arena and users can make a purchase directly through Pinterest using Apple Pay or credit card.

Facebook Products

Facebook is the granddaddy of all social media. And if you aren’t already running a Facebook business page that lists your products and services, then you’re already behind the curve.

Using your business page, you can connect your ecommerce store to Facebook or use the platform to start selling from scratch. Shopify, Wix, and Bigcommerce are favourites that work well with Facebook, but if you have the technical knowledge, and a big audience to take advantage of, you can also use it to create an app. Then, users don’t have to leave Facebook and can buy your products in one social, seamless experience.

Snapchat Shoppable AR

In April 2018, Snapchat began rolling out ‘Shoppable AR’, a feature that makes it easy for advertisers on Snapchat to sell products through sponsored lenses.

Using Shoppable AR, businesses can add a button directly to a lens. Users can then click through to a website or store and finish the transaction. All of this happens without the user leaving the app. By offering sales as an organic feature, Snap hopes to makes the whole shopping experience more fluid and less intrusive than ads for the customer.

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