4 Content Marketing Trends Leading Us Into 2019

Every one online today seems to have their own opinions and takes on where content marketing is going.

To write another post about it, then, may only appear to be adding more confusion to the noise and to be a bit of overkill on the topic.

This is certainly one way of looking at it. The other would be to say it’s a clear message of just how important content is. I mean, what better sign that we’re well and truly in the golden age of content marketing than people creating more content about the future of content?

Understand once and for all why your business should be investing in content with these four content marketing trends that are leading us into 2019 and beyond.

1. More, More, and More Content

This one may seem too obvious even to mention as a content marketing trend. Content marketing has been growing rapidly since it first became a thing, and as you would then expect, 2019 will be a year in which more content will be published than ever before.

More users are coming online. More businesses and marketers are taking up the craft. And as a result of the two, the space is going to become even more competitive and crowded. Soon the message of quality over quantity will become law, analytic tools will become imperative, content will become more targeted, personalised, and original, and publishers will focus more on repurposing and updating old content instead of creating new.

2. Another Level of Interaction

Every year, marketers try and label it as “the year of” something — the death of blogging, video, live streaming, etc. But such change in surface trends are difficult to make, and they would do much better to notice the meta-trend behind them — which, in this case, is interaction.

From text-based content to virtually augmented, real-time experiences, each day we’re moving more and more toward a world of interactive and immersive content. This is epitomised by how much users love video content — studies expect it to account for up to eighty-five percent of all internet traffic by 2019.

By that time, we can expect video to be better integrated with augmented reality and a lot more of it delivered through live streaming. Both of these features meet user’s desires for exceptional experiences and exclusivity, and, therefore, will also be principal content marketing trends over the coming years.

3. Trust As A Premium

It’s hard enough to gain people’s attention online today, but gaining their trust is a whole different challenge. Users are more aware of the dangers, more attuned to scams and tactics, and more sceptical of where they place their trust.

This is no surprise when companies have tainted even the trustworthy resource of user-generated content. It’s harder to believe referrals, reviews, and testimonials as well as so-called influencers who apparently would use the product even if they weren’t getting paid a hefty sum for doing so. Going forward, marketers will need to focus on new modes and methods if they want to build trust with their users.

4. Strategy Is The New King

When businesses and marketers are out in force, you can’t fight them at their own game by trying to publish more content. The only way to break through the noise will be to spend less time on publishing, and more time on strategy.

A content strategy used to be — and still is for many businesses — considered an optional extra to their marketing efforts. In 2019, you will need one not only to come up with something novel and engaging, but as there are a growing number of ways in which you can create and distribute content, simply just to figure out which one is right for your industry, audience, and channels.

The good news is, it’s still well and truly 2018. And so get started on your content marketing strategy today, and you will launch yourself one huge step ahead of the crowd.

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