4 Game-changing Benefits of Content Marketing For Small Businesses

Never before has it been possible for small business to compete with huge, international organisations on the big global playing fields.

But over the past few years, a revolution has been underway that is changing how we SMEs connect with our customers and compete in the international market.

This is firstly, of course, thanks to the borderless communication network that reaches the homes and pockets of billions of people around the world. But it is also thanks to the death of traditional advertising — a model based on money and power — and the rise of a new marketing model based on trust and value.

If you haven’t already guessed, we’re talking about content marketing. And in this article, we’re going to explore some of the key benefits of content marketing for small businesses.

1. Small Investment, Big Returns

One reason content marketing has been so revolutionary for businesses is that it can deliver much greater results than any other outbound marketing and advertising tactics, despite coming in at less than half the cost.

This low cost to entry has helped level out the playing field and enable businesses with small budgets to reach much wider audiences. With just a few small investments in content marketing over time, small businesses can climb their way to the top and compete with even the biggest of the big.

2. Promotion Without Advertising

Traditional advertising doesn’t work anymore. Millennials and Gen Z simply don’t respond to direct promos and time-limited campaigns that tell them what they should want or need.

Therefore, to grab the attention of younger generations and get your money’s worth from your marketing budget, it’s much better to take the more informal, indirect approach. This is where content marketing with its informational blog articles and relatable social media posts really shines. If your copy is authentic and your tone is relatable, content marketing will not only sell your products, but help your business grow a large and faithful following over the long term.

3. Trust and Transparency

Leading on from our last benefit of content marketing for small businesses, trust and transparency are two qualities high on the list of priorities for consumers when choosing from whom they’re going to buy their products and services.

But unlike a product feature or a price point, trust and transparency are not things that can be ticked off a checklist in an instant. They need to be demonstrated in the way you operate, how you treat your customers, and in your general commitment and openness as a brand.

In terms of content marketing, this means putting out high-quality content that is honest, not overly salesy or pushy, and, above all, entertaining and educational to read.

4. Appearing High in Search

It’s easy to think that as more businesses are investing in content, the more difficult it is getting to rank high in the search engines and that, therefore, you should just give up before even getting started.

But whereas it is true there are more articles and information online every day, it is also true that, because of the saturation of low-quality click-bait trash, there’s an ever growing need for quality, relevant, and engaging content.

This is where small businesses with niche focuses and target markets can make their fortune. If you can find out exactly what it is your customers want and deliver it in a digestible and mobile-friendly manner, it’s almost guaranteed they’ll find you and carry you high up the Google ladder.

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