4 Mobile Marketing Strategies for the remainder of 2018

You don’t need an article that you — according to the stats — are probably reading on your smartphone, to tell you the importance of mobile in today’s world.

It’s true, the stats are shocking — in 2018, over half of all worldwide online traffic was generated through mobile phones. But still, you just need to walk down the street or take public transport to get the message loud and clearly.

It’s already very clear then that, as a business, mobile is incredibly important and should be a huge part of your current and future digital marketing strategy. The more pressing question is which of the billions of mobile marketing strategies and trends should you actually be paying attention to?

Omni-channel Marketing

People are getting more and more comfortable with buying from their mobile devices. But this doesn’t mean businesses should focus all their efforts solely on mobile marketing strategies.

In fact, with 70 percent of Gen Z in the U.S preferring brick-and-mortar stores, customers are demonstrating that they prefer a much more omni-channel approach. What this looks like is expanding your sales journey across various mediums and channels to immerse users in one holistic, digital experience.

A shinning example of omni-channel marketing comes from Disney. The company’s My Disney Experience tool allows customers to start planning their trip to Disney World from their mobile devices whilst they’re still at home. When at the park, customers continue using their phone to locate the attractions they want to see and get more info such as estimated waiting times.

New Mobile Interfaces

With the proliferation of voice-activated home assistants and smart everything from thermostats and fridges to watches and vehicles, mobile marketing strategies are taking on a whole new meaning in 2018.

One better way to describe it all instead of mobile is the emerging “ambient computing environment”. This term essentially describes the boundless movement of digital information throughout and in the spaces around us.

You can look at it as the “communication highway” which we call the internet, rather than continuing to be defined and limited by the unidirectional screen, is opening up into an ever expanding and ubiquitous “environment” or “airspace”.

As well as being able to reach and interact with your customers through new channels, this environment of new interfaces will allow you to discover much more about your audience. All this means better targeting for businesses and a more tailored, relevant experience for users.

Mobile Video

Over recent years, video and mobile have been growing in popularity alongside one another. And now, with more social giants like Instagram with its IGTV getting in on the action, the two are becoming ever more closely intertwined.

Whether it’s short three-second memes or hour-long webinar demonstrations, pretty much every business that wants to get noticed in 2018 should be using video. All you need is a smartphone, a drone, or a GoPro, and a touch of creativity, and you have the tools you need to reach the a greater audience than ever before.

Mobile Search

It helps us do everything from finding where to shop and where to eat when on the go, looking up facts when out with friends, and navigating the streets when driving in a new place. And so it’s clear that search and mobile have a long and fruitful relationship ahead of them.

It’s surprising, then, to think that still very few businesses invest in local search optimisation as a mobile marketing strategy. They presume that by investing in SEO, they need to compete with the big boys and attract customers from all over the country or the world. When in fact, their direct competitors are just a small handful of businesses down the road and their customers are driving around or searching from just a few miles away.

As such, with just a modest social media presence, a half-decent content strategy, and some specific local SEO, you can very likely be the easiest to find and best option for customers in your area.

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