4 Ways to Use Video Content to Sell More

By 2019, 80 percent of the content consumed online will be video. But for most businesses, it’s common that less than 10 percent — if anything at all — of their digital strategy is dedicated to producing and marketing video content.

This is great news, at least for the brands who’re already winning big with video. For those who’re still figuring out how to use a video camera or upload a file to Youtube, it’s an incredibly daunting prospect to say the least.

But in case you haven’t noticed, it’s still 2018. And in 2018, there’s plenty of opportunities for businesses to get to grips with motion media and break through as a leading voice in their niche.

Find out just how you can do that with these four types of video content that are guaranteed to help you sell more.

1. The 80 percent video

The 80 percent principle is based on the idea that 80 percent of queries asked by first-time customers are the same. The 80 percent video acts on this knowledge by creating visual content that gets such doubts and concerns out the way from the outset.

By doing this, the customer journey is accelerated, and the brand shows they’re in touch with their customers wants and needs and are not only interested in making a sale. Depending on your product or service — including its price bracket and complexity — the number of videos and their length will vary. For example, for a luxury yacht, you may produce a series of twenty videos of fifteen minutes each; but for a selfie stick, you may only need three short one minute clips.

2. The email signature bio

Seeing as though we send anything from 1-100 emails a day, the email signature has been massively overlooked for its potential in helping to make a sale.

In 2018, however, as the sales process moves further into the inbox, that will quickly change. Still, no one is going to put up with a long, wordy sales pitch that trails along with every message; but they will happily watch a 60-120 second video about who you are and what you do.

A short video bio like this will likely become the norm for email signatures. People are getting more used to the idea that they should know a company before they buy from or work with them, and using tools like WiseStamp, businesses can familiarise customers with their brand from the very first moment of interaction. When a potential client or prospective customer already knows your face and voice, a huge barrier is broken down and the journey to sale is made much clearer.

3. The landing page video

Placing a video on a landing page is a must for the simple fact that they can increase conversions by 80 percent or more. Whenever a prospect finds themselves on one, they’re automatically searching for reasons they shouldn’t sign up and divest their personal data. A video is a quickest and most effective way to put this search to rest.

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In just a few-minute-long video, you can answer their questions and dispel their doubts, but most importantly, appeal to their emotions. What tips prospects over the edge to make a purchase is not more rational reasons but more emotional triggers. For instance, producing a video that shows the brands human side by injecting humour and irony into the mix.

4. The Not-for-you video

Every company is guilty of spurting out hyperbole about why their product or service is the best. So much so that it’s gotten to the point where the traditional sales approach is all but ineffective.

One way to get around this is with the not-for-you video. Rather than pointing out whom you serve, what problems you address, and your awesome solutions, the not-for-you video takes a different angle by stressing who you’re not a good fit for.

This approach is refreshingly honest for customers who’re constantly being told what to buy. It also helps your pitch to stand out from the crowd, and, through the power of reverse psychology, makes whatever you’re offering actually appear more attractive.

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