5 Tips For Kicking Your LinkedIn Profile Up A Notch in 2018

You’ve got all the basics covered — keywords, skills, experience — but for some reason, you’re not getting as much out of your LinkedIn profile as you could.

You may even be regularly appearing in searches and getting daily profile views. But alas, your profile is still failing to convert those searches and views into real action and concrete conversations.

Figures — by now, tonnes of people have read the general guides and figured out how to optimise their profiles. And so, in order to stand out and gain people’s attention on LinkedIn in 2018, you need to go the extra mile and make your page that little bit extra special.

Use these five lesser-known LinkedIn tips to take your profile to the next level and discover the hidden potential that LinkedIn has to offer you and your business.

1. Niche Right Down

With LinkedIn quickly growing in popularity, profiles that aren’t optimised for a specific keyword won’t be found. And those that are, unless they’re in the top one percent of their field, will still be walked over by the competition.

To make it work for you in 2018, the number one tip for LinkedIn is to niche down. That means, for instance, if you’re a manager, specifying in what area you work in and what your specialities are. By doing this, you’ll appear in less but more targeted searches and the people that find you will be much more likely to reach out.

2. Tell a Story Worth Telling

As it’s all about generating an emotional reaction in your readers, storytelling can be the key difference that makes or breaks your profile. Do it well, and you may find life-long clients. But do it badly, and you might as well delete your profile.

Forget about telling the funny story of what happened at the Christmas doo, or describing what you really wanted to be while growing up; effective storytelling on LinkedIn means knowing what your target audience wants and giving it to them through a direct and engaging narrative. Start by recognising their pain points, then describe what you can do to ease them, and how things will be different once you have.

3. Direct People To Action

Gone are the days of CTAs like “Click Here” or, “Scroll up and click Contact Us”. However, to get a reader to take action, you still need to give them a bit of encouragement and guidance.

A converting CTA today includes a strong value proposition and gets straight to the point. It also explains a little about what they can expect when they do contact you: “Get in touch with me at [email] and let’s have a chat about your project. Or if you’re raring to go, we can skip the pleasantries and get started right away”.

4. Make It Visual

Despite the stacks of evidence that say users find visuals more engaging than text, the majority of LinkedIn profiles feature large chunks of text with just a few images at the bottom.

But it’s not that you need to be a photographer or graphic designer to make your LinkedIn profile attractive. You can attach a news story, a slideshow, an image of you speaking at an event, a promo video, an article, or anything else with strong visuals to your summary. This LinkedIn tip will help pierce the brick wall of text and add a personal touch that readers can relate to and use to remember you by.

5. Get Involved

Like many social media sites, LinkedIn is driven by the activity and interaction among its users. It only makes sense, then, that those who rise to the top are those who post, comment, share, and generally get involved the most.

Other than regularly publishing articles and commenting on those of leaders in your niche, to get involved on LinkedIn you need to be active in groups. Join several groups related to your field, ask questions, post answers, and become a moderator. Even better, start your own and become an authority that other people seek out for advice and guidance.

That concludes our top five LinkedIn tips for getting your profile seen and converting for you in 2018 and beyond!

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Alistair Hague

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