5 Ways To Use Product Videos To Drive More Sales

You likely made it to this post because you already know the importance of using visual content to engage users with your brand in our visually stimulated culture. The question you may be asking now is, how can that content be used to drive sales and grow your business?

Not long ago, using video to grow your brand meant spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on a TV spot to show your commercial to a massive audience with no way of tracking how many sales those views led to. If you are an SME, buying a spot (especially at prime time) is out of the question.

The great news for all businesses today is that you do not need to spend hundreds of thousands on a TV spot to reach a highly targeted audience. There are now many, relatively inexpensive, ways to get your videos in front of a very targeted audience and drive trackable sales on your website.

Here are 5 ways you can use your video content to get in front of the right people and drive more sales.

Use video to increase your Amazon product sales

Amazon is the leader in online sales, but with that often comes brand and product saturation. If you are selling your product on Amazon, you have to make your product listing stand out. One great way to do this is to include a product video in your product listings in addition to product imagery.

Videos allow you to highlight popular features of your product, show how to use your product, and make your product stand out from competitors. A simple video will also give potential buyers more confidence in what they are purchasing and give you a leg up over your video-less competitors.

Use “Trueview for shopping” on YouTube

While running general YouTube video ads is a great way to increase awareness of your product and brand, it doesn’t always lead to direct sales. If you want to run YouTube ads but are concerned about them driving little to no sales, TrueView for Shopping is the way to go.

TrueView for Shopping features products from your store directly beneath your YouTube video ad, as the video plays. Shoppers can click directly to your product pages from the ad.

Show video ads on YouTube to shoppers who abandoned your website

Showing your video to people who have previously visited your website is another great way to increase sales.

Since these shoppers have visited your website before, they are already familiar with your brand. This makes them more likely to purchase from you. If they were not ready to commit to a purchase the last time they were on your website, a video ad is a great way to share more about your product and show them what they are missing. This may be the push they need to turn from “interested” to “buyer.”

Use video to find new customers on social media

Social Media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram, are prime places to share your brand and product videos. From building a story through multiple videos on your feed to encouraging loyal fans to share your content with their friends, these networks are great tools for growing a loyal customer base and driving more sales.

Showing your videos to the right audience is key for driving more orders to your business. Thankfully, the Facebook and Instagram advertising platform gives you a myriad of targeting options to choose from so you can show your videos to the audience most likely to engage and purchase from your brand.

Use video to increase your website conversion rate

While driving new potential buyers to your website is important for growing your business, it’s just as important that users actually purchase from you once they arrive at your website. Videos have been shown to greatly increase conversion rates on websites and landing pages. After watching a video, 64% of users are likely to make a purchase according to a study by Small Business Trends.

While the marketing channels outlined above are some of the main ways you can use your videos to drive more sales, it’s always good to have video content on hand to share when other opportunities arise. For example, including videos in your email marketing campaigns or using them as part of your display at a trade show are just a couple of other examples of how videos can help build a story around your brand, illustrate how to use your products, and engage your target audience.

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