6 Ways To Increase Your Followers On Social Media

An increase in followers means an increase in potential customers. Depending on your trade, it can be tough to grow your following. So how can you get more followers to your social media presence? Well, here are six ways that can help.

Create High Quality Content

Post images that are high in quality and stand out in a clustered news feed. Keep all information up to date. This includes your opening hours, location and important business details. This will help you increase the SEO of your Facebook page.

Use Hashtags

There are hundreds of different hashtags that can be used to help you reach more people. Use hashtags that are relevant to the content you post and business you operate. This will help you reach the people who are interested in your products and what you offer.

Interact With Your Followers

If people comment on the content of your post, then you should reply to them. If you receive different reviews then reply to each one including any negative feedback. When people interact with your page, it not only displays good customer service to reply, but also shows that you care for each of your customers.

Share Your Blog Posts

It can be difficult to continuously provide high quality content, but posting consistently provides you with a great chance of boosting your followers. Make your posts engaging and perhaps ask a question so that it generates a discussion. Posting content from your website to your social media feed will also boost the chances of people visiting your website.

Optimize Post Timing

Make sure you post at the times that your followers will most likely read the post. It’s important that you get to know your target market and discover which time of the day or week they will most likely be engaged with your content.


Using Facebook Ads is one of the most reliable ways of reaching more people and generating new followers. You can target people precisely based on interests or location and reach people who are already interested in the type of stuff you sell, but perhaps aren’t aware of your presence.

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