6 Ways To Help Increase Traffic To Your Website

There is one thing that business owners always want more of and that’s customers. One key area to attract more custom is to increase traffic to the website. There are many ways you can increase traffic to your website. Here are six useful options that can help.

Blog Posts

If you haven’t already, set up a blog page on your site. Create engaging content that makes the person want to read more. Keep your blog up to date and relevant. You should post regularly and make your content as interesting and eye catching as possible. Be sure to share your blog posts on to your social media pages so that you increase your audience numbers. Sharing via social media also provides people with the opportunity of being directed to your website to read more.

Optimise Your Site For SEO

Optimising your content for search engines remains very important. Be sure to add internal and external links to your content. Write an engaging meta description that will entice the reader to want to click the link and read further on your site. Remember to focus on important keywords that relate well to the content.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very useful tool as it can update your audience with the latest information. This could be a new product range or event. You could also offer coupons or run competitions. Try not to bombard your audience with too many emails as this could encourage the subscriber to remove themselves from the mailing list. You could send out a monthly newsletter detailing the latest news and products that you offer. This allows subscribers to be kept up to date and could boost sales, especially if you have plenty of direct links to products on your site.

Fast Loading Website

The quicker the website loads the better. If your site is slow and unresponsive then chances are the visitor will have given up and gone elsewhere. You can increase the speed of your site in many ways, one of which is by not having data on it that is large in size. Blog posts with images that take up megabytes of data could slow your page loading speed down, so be sure to shrink the data using an image compressor tool.

Research The Competition

Do your research to identify how your competition is fairing. You can learn whilst generating ideas to bring to your own website. See how they engage with their audience and the type and style of blogs they create. Also look at their social media interaction. How do they interact with their audience?


You should continue marketing to customers who have previously visited your site. You can set up a tracking pixel using social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter and use them to attract people back to your site. This could attract them to return and complete their conversion.



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Alistair Hague

Alistair Hague

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