The Benefits of Google Ads to Grow Your Business Online

After the recent transition, Google Adwords has now been re-named Google Ads. Google Ads is designed to make it easier for small businesses to get started with online advertising: “It brings the machine learning technology of Google Ads to small businesses and helps them get results without any heavy lifting—so they can stay focused on running their businesses.”

So what are the benefits of using Google Ads? And how can they help grow your business? Well, here we will discuss the advantages it can bring and how it can make a significant difference to your website performance and online strategy when combined with other digital marketing techniques.

The benefits of Google Ads:

  • Focus on multiple keywords
  • Switch the campaigns on or off whenever you like
  • Reconnect with visitors to your site
  • Measure your performance
  • You can target specific kinds of people such as by location or language
  • It will give you brand exposure
  • You only pay when people click
  • Limit your spending and budget on different campaigns
  • Google Ads work fast
  • You can outrank your competitors

When a customer is looking for a product or service, they’re likely going to search for it on Google. That customer is looking for you, and Google Ads get you found. For a small business, Google Ads can be a very successful option for driving traffic, marketing your product and ultimately getting increased sales.

The benefits and features that Google Ads provide are not limited to the 10 listed above, but they are among some of the important features that will help grow your business online. If you don’t already use Google Ads then you should be. There’s a high chance that your competitors are and this could result in a loss in business opportunities for you.

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Alistair Hague

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