Blogging For Business

Blogging for your business can be one of the most valuable ways to communicate with your customers.

It’s your space to share relevant, up to date information in more detail than on your social media platforms. It gives you a voice and personality beyond the usual website.

If you blog on a frequent basis you can enhance your inbound marketing, drive traffic to your site and attract more potential customers. It’s inexpensive and takes minimal effort.

It just makes sense!

Here are some reasons we think you should be blogging for your business…

– It connects people to your brand that your current customers won’t see through your outbound marketing.

– Every time you blog/write something that your readers connect with, there is potential for that to be shared with their connections. i.e more possible customers for you.

– A blogging strategy will create business focus. A purpose if you will.

– Asking questions in your posts can stat up conversations in the comments between readers and increase engagement.

– By responding to comments, you can build a rapport, build trust and gain valuable insight.

– Blog analytics allow you to see who is reading/visiting your blog. It will allow you to track readers, shares, and comments, which countries your visitors are based and their age range.

– By blogging frequently you will boost your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

– According to a Hubspot Survey, 60% of businesses that blog actually acquire more customers.

– Educating your readers with information will prove more effective than a hard sell.

– You can ‘deep link’ to other relevant blog posts within your new ones. i.e potentially directing your readers to other blogs you have posted and with that, increasing their time on your site.

– Your blog articles will give you content to use on your social media platforms. From here it can be easily shared and accessed.

– You can promote your offers through your posts and use your articles for your email newsletter content.

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