The Blogging, influencer and social media community has blown up this week with #BotGate. If you’re unfamiliar with the community’s outrage then let me just explain a little…

Bots are paid little web land robots that take the ‘work’  out of being naturally engaging on social media. They like and engage with people and photo’s, they play the follow/unfollow game on your behalf in the hope some of those people will follow back thus building up your sought after follower numbers.

This isn’t a new ‘thing’ by any stretch of the imagination but it is something that was brought to the attention of anybody that would listen in Twitterland yesterday.

And so the debates began…

Buying followers and using bots is already widely known about in the influencer community but is it right or wrong? Many of the called out guilty party have stayed silent on the subject with micro influencers and people working hard to build up their own organic following not being so quiet. But who’s in the right here?

There is reason for the hard workers to be upset, angry and question their place on social media. After all, how much of it we know is actually authentic anymore?

It’s come to light that popular Bloggers we know and love have been growing their community falsely and because of that have been given some amazing opportunities that may not be rightly deserved. But lets not just point the blame there, Big brands have also been outed also.

Pressure to build the perfect Instagram feed in the time of the algorithm is partly to blame here. The more followers and the more engagement your account gets the higher ranked you are, meaning more people will see your feed and discover just how amazing you are. Pushing to the side, the millennials that have spent years building up their brand and reputation for a smaller organic following.

What I will say though, is that brands should be doing their own research. I know I wouldn’t be paying big bucks to somebody to promote my brand with a false following… Can there ever be a right time to use bots in business?






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