What should I blog about? The dreaded writers block.

Picture the scene, it’s been two months since my last blog post and my boss is reminding me that I need to keep the content up to date. Now, we all know that keeping your content fresh is important, but what happens when you get that dreaded writer’s block?

I find myself staring at a blank Word document trying to figure out what is worth writing about this week – and as I wrack my brain trying to decide whether anyone wants to read yet another Google Tag Manager article from me, I start to run through my standard list-of-places-to-look-to-help-me-decide-what-to-write-about and it dawned on me that this list might be helpful to others who also struggle to get their posts started too!

Is this a cop-out? Absolutely. But hey, it might be a good list for you to bookmark if you’re expected to write content from time to time and it’s not your forte.

What was the last thing I Googled?

I like to think of myself as a Fairly Normal Person, and therefore, the questions I’ve Googled recently are probably questions that other people might be asking. 

My recent searches contain basic maths problems that I should know the answer to without Googling, and more complex things like “How do I stop dynamic Google Ads showing on Adsense on my website?” which I am yet to find the answer to. (If anyone has any advice on this I would appreciate you pointing me in the right direction!)

My other searches include “How to track outbound clicks to specific URLs using Google Tag Manager” which is something I had to use several different sources to get this to track properly in Google Analytics – so it sounds like there might be a gap in the web for a handy, simplified guide on how I managed to achieve this… Almost like I should write my next article on this exact topic… 

What is happening right now on Google Trends?

Google Trends is a great resource to figure out what people are searching for and comparing different search terms – for example, if I can’t decide whether to write a blog post on “Content Ideas” or “Paid Social” I can input both key terms into Google Trends and easily find out that the former has far more searches over the past 12 months, and therefore more likely to be a relevant topic to write about.

What was my best performing piece?

Sometimes all you need to do for inspiration is look at the stats of your existing articles to see what resonated with people! What drew the most people to your blog? Is there more that you can write on a similar subject? Disappointingly, all of the best-performing articles on our blog have come from my boss but I guess he is an SEO expert so you would expect this – but it doesn’t mean I can’t aspire to one day have a post that draws more hits than he does. 

Do I have knowledge that others might be searching for?

Like I mentioned earlier, a lot of the things I write about revolve around Google Tag Manager and Paid Social because that is my area of expertise. I spend 35 hours of my week immersed in marketing and conversion tracking so I’m bound to know a little piece of information that someone else might not have come across yet. Coming up with a blog piece might be as simple as thinking “What useful thing have I learned this week that might benefit someone else?” Especially if that “useful thing” has taken me 2 hours and 16 YouTube videos to figure out – maybe I can write about my solution and save someone else all that hassle.

What does the team Slack channel think?

If all else fails, ask your colleagues. Chances are if you’ve got a creative block, your colleagues might have some ideas that could help you out.

Do you still need help with your content? We have a team of specialist content writers that can help give your content marketing the boost it needs. Get in touch today to find out more.

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