Designing a Brand Identity for Linell Homes

Linell Homes is a property development company, creating a diverse range of high-quality homes throughout the UK.

Linell Homes approached Omni in need of a complete brand identity and online presence. We began by asking them a few questions about how they wanted their brand to be portrayed.

Logo Design

Linell Homes needed to look modern, professional and trust worthy. Firstly we researched the competition, we wanted to create a brand that fit the market but something that would stand above the rest. We selected a colour scheme of gold and purple, gold giving a luxurious feel and purple representing quality and success. The logo icon needed to be unique and relevant to the property development industry, for this we created a building icon, something that is easily recognisable, with a unique flare in its symmetry and shading.


Linell Home’s typography needed to be legible with a large font family to add variety. We chose the font Montserrat as their primary font, a clean and simple sans-serif that displays well for both body copy and headings. To add a bit of personality to the brand typography, we chose to add ‘Dancing Script’ as a second heading font, this font is a script font and adds a bit of character. We created individual location logos to represent each development using a combination of both brand fonts.


Linell Home’s imagery needed to be modern and stylish, incorporating lifestyle images. We created an album of images displaying modern, tasteful homes and lifestyle shots that we felt would reach the target audience.


Once the brand was in place, the website bought it all together. The design combined Linell Home’s logo in gold, backdrops of purple and modern imagery, representing the level of finish Linell homes hopes to offer.

We designed elements and backgrounds using shapes from the logo and simple image frames to help everything sit and flow throughout the site. The aim for the site was to create something easy to use for the visitor, something informative and something with a little bit of flare – separating it from the competition.

The unique location pages on the website feature development site imagery within a gallery, floor plans, ‘everything close by’ and site specifications with each section having a unique way of presenting itself.

Visit Linell Homes at

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