Designing an Identity for EMMAC Life Sciences Group

EMMAC are Europe’s leading independent cannabis company, they bring together cutting-edge scientific research with the latest innovations in medical cannabis cultivation, extraction and production.

EMMAC approached Omni at the beginning of their journey, looking for a brand identity and online presence. They told us that EMMAC was going to be pioneering within the medical cannabis industry and their brand identity needed to represent this. They needed something that bought medical cannabis and scientific research together to really represent their company.

Logo Design

EMMAC’s logo needed to represent both science and medical cannabis, in a sophisticated way. The logo needed to be strong, memorable and unique – for this we combined a double helix and a cannabis leaf to create an icon. We selected a colour scheme of dark and light greens, representing growth, safety and ambition, and also relating well to cannabis leaves.


EMMAC’s typography needed to be legible with a large font family to add variety. We chose the font Proxima Nova as their primary font, a clean and modern sans-serif that displays well for both body copy and headings.


We wanted EMMAC’s imagery to represent health and nature, we also wanted it to relate to Europe. We created an album of images incorporating European landscapes, epic forests and the beauty of nature. We also created a range of unique icons that represented the different elements of EMMAC’s process.


EMMAC’s website is one of our best yet – the design is unique, informative and user friendly. We wanted to produce something that gave the user a real sense of what they are all about. Our team created a unique, responsive and informative website that made EMMAC look the part.

The site includes a fixed left side navigation, an interactive map of EMMAC’s European locations and information of EMMAC’s approach and process accompanied by icons and beautiful images.

Visit the live site.

Social Media

EMMAC needed a social presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our social team created a variety of templates to showcase news updates, industry information and information about EMMAC.

Other EMMAC Projects

Since working with EMMAC we have had an opportunity to work on a number of other design projects including event banner design, company presentations and more. We have also worked with them on their email, social media and provided on-going support.


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Harriet Jones

Harriet Jones

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