Designing an Identity for Sapphire Medical Clinics

Sapphire Medical Clinics is the first UK medical cannabis clinic registered by the CQC. The Clinic provides doctors and patients with expert opinions and information on whether medical cannabis could be a viable treatment option for a variety of medical conditions.

Sapphire Medical Clinics approached Omni at the beginning of their journey, looking for a brand identity and online presence. They told us that Sapphire Medical was going to be the leading medical cannabis clinic in the UK and would be one of the first to prescribe medical cannabis to patients. The clinic required trustworthy, yet clinical branding which related to medical cannabis.

Logo Design

Sapphire’s logo needed to represent both health and medical cannabis, in a sophisticated way. The logo needed to be clinical, trust-inducing, and memorable. The logo icon is designed as a lotus representing wellness, the shape of the leaves of the lotus also links to the cannabis plant. We selected a colour scheme of dark and light blues, representing trust, calm and stability.



Sapphire’s typography needed to be clean and legible. We chose the font Myriad Pro as their primary typeface, a modern sans-serif with a large font family. Myriad Pro was designed as a neutral, general-purpose typeface that could fulfill a range of uses.



Sapphire’s imagery also needed to induce trust while representing a clinical and medical setting. We had three main categories for their imagery. Firstly, corporate images of high-end reception desks and inside professional buildings represent the professional and corporate side of Sapphire. Secondly, we collected some scientific imagery of test tubes and medical cannabis research. These images added to the clinical and medical aspects of the clinic. Thirdly, images of doctors and patients helped to bring in a personal and inclusive aspect by using faces and people of all ages.


Designing the Sapphire Family

Sapphire Medical Clinics have created a family of brands, branching out their expertise within the medical cannabis industry. We have designed a suite of logos to represent each one. The family includes:

Sapphire Medical Foundation – offering financial aid to medical cannabis patients. This logo is a heart to represent the help and support Sapphire wants to offer.

The Sapphire Institute for Medical Cannabis Education – helping people to understand Medical Cannabis. This logo is a crest – a trend when designing for an institute.

The UK Medical Cannabis Registry – collecting and analysing data to help us understand medical cannabis. This logo is a cross, representing health, and a leaf to subtly hint towards cannabis.

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