Gen Z Engage With 10.6 Hours of Online Content a Day

According to research by Adobe into the UK’s content consumption habits, millennials spend an average of 8.5 hours a day reading, watching, creating and engaging with content on their devices.

They report, Generation Z (born after 1995) spend a whopping 10.6 hours engaging with online content every single day.

Polling 1,000 UK consumers, the report found millennials spend an average of 5.2 hours a day consuming content on mobile, rising to 5.9 hours for Generation Z.

Over half of those polled (54%) said they used multiple devices at any one time, with 1.8 devices being the average.

The study also revealed that brands must pay attention to emerging content channels.

When asked about how they would prefer to consume content in the next five years, a staggering four-fifths of the consumers polled (79%) said they would like to engage with content via a home entertainment streaming device, two-thirds (63%) would like to use a Voice Assistant, while half (51%) are looking towards connected home devices.

“With the rise of fake news and ‘click-bait’ content, consumers are increasingly looking for engaging content that provides them with an authentic and relevant experience,” John Watton, Senior Marketing Director, Adobe EMEA, said.

“Whether it’s across social, online, blogs, or email communications, branded content has to be well-designed, optimised for the device, and offer a genuine experience that goes beyond selling products. Brands that succeed will drive customer acquisition and loyalty; those that don’t will see customers swipe their screen in search for content that offers them a better experience.”

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