Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Picking the Perfect Marketing Platform

Are you confused in deciding between the Google Ads and Facebook Ads? Well it is not a big deal; all the Ecommerce and small business owners face this situation in selecting between the two most powerful pay per click advertising options on the web.

Both of them provide their unique advantages. For an instance, the Google keyword tool enables the marketers to make the highly researched keyword targeting decisions, while on the other hand Facebook Ads targeting the options that deliver extremely proper ads.

In this post, I am going to show you all the main points of Google AdWords and Facebook, from which you can compare which one is the right choice for you. After reading this you can decide the right marketing platform for your business.


Tremendously targeted ads are very important for the success of any Ad campaign. So let’s start comparing with the targeted options that are available with Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.


Facebook Ads accompany an arrangement of incredible targeting on alternatives which empower any advertiser to make the profile of their ideal client, and after that construct a target ad only for them. On Facebook you can set up ads as indicated by age, gender, interest, location, and significantly more.

In this, you can also set up the Ads according to your mailing list, create a list and more using Custom Audiences.


Targeting options with the Google’s Ads works quite differently. AdWords works with a keyword plan, whereby organizations offer on industry related keywords for the possibility of having their ad shown when a specific particular keyword is searched.

For an instance, an Ecommerce store that sells sneakers might offer on a keyword like “Nike Sneakers” so that if someone on the Internet searched for that, their ad could pop up.

Google advertising circumscribes the other platforms as well, such as the Google Display Network. It is an impressive network of the websites where your ads can be placed, and YouTube ads. These two platforms give your ads more specific targeting options.


The cost differential between the Facebook and Google Ads is another major point to consider. It is actually very difficult to compare the costs between them. Because both of the networks works with the command, meaning, etc. for example, that the amount you would pay for the different keywords on AdWords can vary exceedingly.

In order to determine the differences in costs most accurately I will mention the average costs, then displays the differences with an example.


Facebook ads are generally cheaper than the ads on Google. According to the study it has been found that the average CPC (cost per click) for a Facebook ad is around $0.45. The price of your Facebook ad will vary according to how much the competition is there for your target audience.

Additionally, Facebook offers too many other biding options such as Cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and Cost per Action (CPA). Both of these provide you with the alternative pricing options.

Always keep in mind that the Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM) is generally lower than the Cost per Click (CPC). It simply means you can potentially gain the more exposure through this type of ad.


Because of it’s across the board acknowledgment as the premier online ad platform, Google AdWords is an exceptionally well known decision amongst organizations of all the different kinds. This implies that many individuals are using it, consequently there’s a great deal of competition for the keywords, bringing about higher costs.

The below image is showing the range of the ads, the cost varies tremendously depending on the keyword.

Larger keywords with higher search volume will have a higher Cost per click (CPC).

Always keep in mind that the Google offers a CPM option, but it is only available for certain campaigns and only on the display network.


The best way to determine which platform will be reasonable for your campaign is to build your ad on both networks and see the estimates.

Let’s take a look on an example of the company those sales painting supplies.

On AdWords you can see what is the estimated cost will be by doing a search in the Keyword Planner.

You have to first look for the keywords related to your brand or company by using the “Search for new keywords” option:

Then you can look at the list provided by the Google and see what the price look like:

In this image, you can see that the prices span from $0.95 to $1.82. If you set a $10 budget for yourself, based on these numbers you can get between 5 and 10 clicks on your ad.

Now on the other hand come to the Facebook, you would set up your ad according to the profile of your target customer or audience.

Next you should scroll down, click on the “Advanced Options” then click “Manually set your maximum bid for clicks (CPC).” When you do that you will see the suggested bid covered that:

In the above image you can see that the suggested bid is between $0.53 and $0.97. Meaning for $10 you can receive between 10 and 18 clicks.

In this case the Facebook Ad is in fact cheaper than the Ad on the Google AdWords. Now it’s all up to you what you would like to choose.

Conversion Rates

Finally, we are come to the stage where we have to compare the conversion rates of Facebook ads and Google AdWords.


According to the recent studies, it has been observed that the Click through Rates (CTR) for Facebook Ads run at the 0.04% for side bar ads and 2.09% for news feed ads. According to some news feed ads average up to a 7% CTR.

These numbers might sound low, however when Facebook ads are done right they can definitely yield the results.

Let me tell you something interesting about it. Using nothing but Facebook ads, over the course of six months we helped one of our merchants go from 170 likes on Facebook to 16,000 that results in an $18,000 increase in sales.


For the first four Ads on the page, Google AdWords takes the ads average a 3.6% CTR, with the first ad on the page averaging 7%.

These numbers are clearly higher than the conversion rates for Facebook Ads, and the only reason for this is very obvious that the Google’s Ads target the people who are already interested. But on the other hand Facebook does not know about who is your targeted audience, it just posts your ads on the site.

To backpedal to the case that is from back of sneakers. On the off chance that I as of now scanned for the Nike sneakers on the Google, I am pretty much as liable to tap on the supported commercial as I am to tap on one of the search results.

In this regard, AdWords is essentially a way of cheating in SEO, by getting your page to the top of the search results.

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads

Finally when it comes out for making a choice between them, I think the best thing is to actually use the both. These two platforms are the most famous over the internet, each have their own unique advantages which can make up for the potential weakness of the other.


Social: Facebook ads are used in the partnership with your company’s or organization’s business page and although Google has G+, Facebook is definitely used much more for Business to Customer (B2C) relationships.

Facebook Ads also takes the advantages of the information that is available from the social network to boost the trust in the ads:

Showing that my friend likes this page and it then definitely provides the credibility to it in my eyes.

Targeting: Having the capacity to handle the target audience by demographics, interests, preferences, and significantly more is the reason because of that the Facebook is likely to the most precise advertising platform available.

Price: As I discussed earlier that the Facebook Ads run at the cheaper rate than the Google AdWords.


Search Engine: AdWords uses the Google search engine to display the ads to the people that are already actively looking for something in particular. Just for that reason Google’s have a very high CTR, since they are almost always relevant.

Multiple Platforms: Google’s display network gives you the ability to promote your ad across on the variety of the different websites which can boost up your exposure.


According to me, the best practice is to use the Google AdWords in order to catch the easy sales. Because of the people here, they are already active on the process of searching for something in your industry, and the Facebook ads in order to built your brand awareness and convert less active users. With the Facebook you can promote your company or organization but with the Google AdWords you can promote your products or services.

That’s it, these are my opinion. But the final decision will be yours, read it carefully before taking the any decision. And I would love to hear about your experience in advertising with the Facebook and Google. Leave this in the comment section or if you have any query about it leave that also in the comment section.

Oh… did we mention we a Certified Google Partner? So if after reading the above your still a little unsure and would like some advice; feel free to give us a call on 0114 2349 0785 or drop us an email at [email protected]

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