Google Adwords Interface Changes – What You Need To Know

Google AdWords updates don’t come frequent but the recent changes to AdWords have left some intrigued by the new functionality and others frustrated by the new interface. We have compiled a few updated features that we consider to be of particular interest in making the experience of advertising via AdWords better for the user.


Formerly known as Opportunities, the Recommendations page features 16 new types of suggestions. This has the aim to be more useful in the way AdWords provides suggestions for optimising campaigns and boosting performance. The Recommendations page also hopes to educate users and be less time consuming. The “Ads and extensions” recommendations enable you to create new ads, refine them, display your top ads more often and organise them into more suitable ad groups.

Account Performance Score

The Account Performance Score is set to launch over the next few months and will provide the ability to visually represent where the biggest optimisation opportunities are and where advertisers should focus their attention. There was a similar section that was tested in the old opportunities page which was titled “Account Health Score For Search”. The new Account Performance Score will be tied to Recommendations to provide users with the best ways to improve their account.

Google Keyword Planner

The new Keyword planner appears more streamlined than the older version. The new version focuses on two key areas of discovering new keywords and getting metrics and forecasts for keywords. The new forecasts section allows users to view the total estimated performance impact from keywords and also provides an option to alter the bid settings via selecting the drop down menu on plan estimates.


Users will soon be able to add notes to help label changes within a campaign. It’s expected that notes will be useful for when you create a new campaign or to make a note of key changes in the performance of a campaign. Clicking on a note will provide the user with more information and this feature will be available at all account levels.

For some it appears that the new interface updates will take getting used to for some but the changes do seem to provide the user with an easier AdWords experience. In addition to these new AdWords updates, Google have plans for more updates in the near future with expected updates including: landing page performance grading, customizable in-market audiences, attribution and store sales management, with more details coming soon.


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