Simplify Your Tracking With Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

It’s probably a tool you’ve heard of but not put too much time into learning – it’s a developer’s tool, right?


Google Tag Manager is the perfect weapon to add to your marketing arsenal because it allows you to bridge the gap between creating a tracking code and implementing it on your website yourself – without having to ask your developer.

Tag Manager puts the power in your hands to input, edit and control all your tracking codes yourself, so there’s no need to send your website admin yet another email asking them to edit your code. Plus, the set up is easy – and on some platforms, it’s as simple as installing a plug-in to your website.

What can you do with Tag Manager?

At first, the interface might seem quite daunting and it might take a minute to get your head around the difference between tags, triggers and variables; but once you get to grips with it, setting up your own tags will become second nature and tracking the conversions from your marketing campaigns will be a doddle.

At the time of writing, Tag Manager has 75+ official pre-built tag integrations PLUS more available through the community of creators. You can install your Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Pinterest tracking, LinkedIn Insight tag and many more in just a few clicks, and you can test them on a ‘preview’ of your website before pushing them live. You can direct the tags to fire on specific URLs, keep track of any time a button is clicked, or take advantage of variables in the Data Layer to record information like the conversion value or the name of a logged-in user.

Take Control

Tag Manager is incredibly powerful not only for tracking but for keeping all of your codes, integrations and campaigns organised. And as markers, we know that it is incredibly important to be organised!

I thoroughly recommend taking a deep dive into everything Google Tag Manager has to offer, it will save you a metric tonne of time when you come to set up new tags (especially if you manage multiple websites and marketing campaigns).

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