How can Facebook Adverts help your business grow?

Facebook Adverts are a great way for smaller businesses to try online adverts without throwing away a lot of money. They offer the same structure as Google Adwords and can give you an insight into what is the best audience to place your advert with.

Does Facebook have quality scores for adverts?

One of the big things about Google Adwords is that it scores your adverts based on their quality. This quality score is based on a lot of things, but generally it’s the relevance of your content, audience segmentation and budget. They are quite open about this and rank your ads with a quality score which you can see.

Whilst Facebook don’t rank your ads in a way you can see, you can rest assured they’re ranking them with a quality score.

The main factors for the quality score on Facebook is the relevance of the content to your selected audience, and budget. If your advert scores badly your reach will be low and your spend will be high.

Is there an ideal budget for Facebook adverts?

No, its entirely down to the size of your marketing budget. However, at the time of writing this article the magic number for small businesses looking to advertise on Facebook is £5 per day. This doesn’t mean that your advert will spend £5 per day, it means it could. It signals to  Facebook that you are confident in your advert and that you’re happy to spend that budget.

Following some split testing we can reveal it’s true that the £5 a day rule does get a larger reach at a lower price per click.

What is the best content for Facebook adverts?

Writing social media content should be treated exactly like your web content – professionally. This is your business talking to potential new customers, so it is key that your messaging is on point, your call to action is clear and your imagery is strong. Adverts with more than one image work well, as it will show the most popular image first, further strengthening your advert through its lifetime.

Why is the audience key in Facebook?

The exciting thing about Facebook is the audience segmentation. There has been a lot in the news about data companies exploiting this power. Despite this awareness it doesn’t seem to effect how people share their data on the platform. You can segment on almost anything, and you can create the most detailed audience. What this means is that you’re getting more bang for your buck.

Another way to make the most of that budget is to create lookalike audiences. These audiences are created by looking at everyone who has interacted with your page and finding other people on Facebook who match the same profile, in terms of demographic, location, occupation, marital status, age, gender and hobbies. The advert will then be shown to these people as they are perceived to be more likely to be interested in your products.

Should I edit the placement of my Facebook ads?

Facebook has various places it displays your ads and it does give you the option to choose where in the advanced settings. We advise that you don’t select where you think it should display. Facebook displays ads across Facebook in the timeline, across Instagram in the form of sponsored posts and now in Facebook messenger. It’s this final one that is reaping rewards for many businesses. Messenger is currently boosting low CPC, and it encourages people to engage with your brand whilst they are talking with friends. This means that you need to consider Facebook as a customer service platform, and messenger as a tool that is as important as email, website forms and phone calls.

Facebook adverts are a fantastic way for business to grow. Whether it’s through brand awareness campaigns, or lead generation. The tools are there and the cost, at least at the moment, is small. The wealth of information you get means you can test, tweak and change adverts to achieve the best results. It’s a great introduction to PPC campaigns.

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