How Can Tik Tok Help Promote Your Business

The video platform Tik Tok was launched back in 2016 and has since accumulated a following in more than 150 countries.

As its popularity is surging, brands and businesses are getting on the hype, increasing their brand awareness. Tik Tok has so far surpassed the growth rate of other social media platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter and even Snapchat. It has been downloaded over 150 million times on the app store and google play.

Market yourself and your brand or link up with influencers. The possibilities are endless.

Here are a few of our tips…

How Does The App Work?

Once you have downloaded and launched the app on your preferred device you will be taken to the ‘FYP’ (for you page). You can now start exploring, watching content and following others.

The great thing about Tik Tok is that you don’t actually need to be following anyone to see content. Go to the discover page to pick up on the platforms latest trends and Tik Tok away.

Videos only last between 9-15 seconds so think about this when creating your content.

One of the great aspects of Tik Tok is that the app supports website clicks without having to have 10,000 followers. Yes, we’re throwing shade your way Instagram. This is part of paid advertising but if your brand is geared towards the younger demographic this will be well worth doing.

This brings us to…

Promoted Hashtags

When a brand chooses to use promoted hashtags it will usually be a # challenge. The challenge will contain a link direct to the users page where they can see the details and instructions of the challenge.

These can be measured by interaction, clicks, banner views and user generated videos. The hashtag challenges are 100% an essential part of the app. Create them, join in the hype by doing other brand challenges and have fun doing it.

User Interaction

Tik Tok success absolutely lies within user interaction. Don’t try and force this. Go with the flow and just be your usual funny self.

Unlike Instagram (yep, we’re throwing shade again) your videos really don’t need to be of the highest quality to make and impact.

Tik Tok is for the fun and silly side to your brand so use it this way and be original.

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