How Can You Improve Your Engagement On Instagram?

It really doesn’t matter how many followers you have on Instagram. More followers, unfortunately, doesn’t mean more sales. What truly matters is your engagement and reach.

For true brand awareness, we want more eyes to see our posts right?


Again, just because you have loads of followers doesn’t mean your posts will be seen. Because of the algorithm, if you don’t get people engaging (liking, commenting, saving) with your posts they will be put right to the back of the Insta pile.


Still, a lot of people are put off by hashtags because others overuse and misuse them and because of the # culture it has pushed onto the world BUT not using them for Instagram is a big mistake. Not using hashtags will limit your reach when you need to be broadening it.


Here is how to use them properly…

  • Instagram allows you to add up to 30 RELEVANT (notice the caps here) hashtags. Showing off your new in luxury skincare is not the time to be tagging #Harrystyles now, is it?
  • Do not copy and paste the same hashtags every time, this can lead to shadowbanning. If you are using a lot of the same hashtags for each post, that’s okay, just mix them up a little bit.
  • Add your hashtags as soon as your post is live. You can do this one of two ways… You can either have them in your caption text by separating your text and hashtags with dots (see above) OR you can add them as a comment after you have made your post live. (see below)


  • Why not create your own hashtag? Encourage your followers/customers to use it.

Build That Community

Location, Location, Location

Adding a location to your insta posts AND stories helps you get discovered by people searching for content from a location.

Quality Captions

If you don’t engage your followers with your caption why would they comment?

The more time people spend looking at your content (pictures, captions, DM’s, and your feed) the more reach you get so use those captions and get them reading a little longer.

We’re not saying write a full-blown essay on every picture but do make an effort to create small stories and let people know what you have been up to and why.

CTA – Call To Action

Ask questions and opinions in your posts and stories. Using the POLL feature in stories is also a great way to do this. Just remember that when people start interacting with your posts remember to reply and try and keep the conversation going as long as possible. This will give your engagement a big boost.

Timing Is Key

Ever posted smack bang in the middle of the day with what you thought was an awesome picture AND caption only for it to fall completely flat? Yep, us too.

Check your insights to see when exactly your followers are most active yourself but from experience, we already know the best times to post are between 7am-9am and 8pm-10pm.


Start putting all of our tips into place and see how it helps your engagement rate.


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