How Instagram Stories are Changing Your Brand

Instagram is quickly becoming the number one platform for social media engagement. From brand awareness, eCommerce sales or driving traffic to your website, here’s how Instagram and their Stories feature is an ideal way to develop your brand.

What’s Your Strategy?

Over 1 Billion people use Instagram every month. This means its crucial to have a strategy ready to go for sharing content if you want to utilise Instagram Stories for your business.

In order to maximise your opportunities to connect with your audience, set up a ‘content calendar’ of what you posting, when and what CTA (call to action) you will include.

How Often Should You Post on Instagram Stories?

Unlike the Instagram algorithm that can sometimes penalise you for posting too often, the same rules don’t apply with Instagram stories. Initially created to rival the immediacy of Snapchat, the story feature thrives of ephemeral content that vanishes after 24 hours.

Unless you save your story posts or add them to your ‘highlights’ tab on your profile, Instagram has no pressure to prioritize any posts over others on users feeds. There is no saying that this wont change in the future when this feature is more popular, but for now you can add to your stories as much as you like.

What Do Your Audience Want?

It all comes down to what’s expected from your audience. Companies like @wework are able to post 10+ Stories a day while others only post a few a week. It depends on your business and what types of content you can create around that to provide value to your audience.

Another factor is momentum. If you can create and post 10+ pieces of content to your story per day that’s great, as long as you can consistently keep that up. In order to fully utilise the stories, feature to grown your business, constancy is key.

Whilst there is no optimal frequency for posting stories, keeping momentum gives your audience a reason to keep checking in with your story and stay active as a customer.

What Features Can You Use for Instagram Stories?

If your business page has over 10 thousand followers you can use the ‘swipe up’ feature, where you can add a URL to redirect your audience. This feature means you can give a direct call to action on your story post and send your audience directly to your website, email list, store or elsewhere.

Poll stickers, emoji sliders and questions all allow you to interact with your audience. Users can vote on their options and questions put the power in the hands of your consumers. with this feature, they can submit questions for you to answer either publicly or privately, a convent way to provide customer service or just build your relationship with your audience.

Stories also has live, countdown and IGTV features. Wether it’s its to build anticipation to an event, new product or simply broadcast some news, stories allow you to beam your news directly to your audience in multiple ways in order to maximise all possible exposure on Instagram.

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