How To Avoid Being Shadow Banned On Instagram

Instagram seem to be doing a pretty stellar job of closing down fake/spam accounts recently but in doing so, a few real accounts are getting shadow banned/blocked/shut down.

You wont actually be told you’ve been shadow banned if or when it happens, your engagement will just take a huge nose dive because nobody will be seeing your posts.

So, what is an Instagram shadow ban?

When a shadow ban is implemented it means you’ve not complied with Instagrams strict user guidelines and that they probably think you’re a spam account. They will temporarily block your account, meaning you can still post but nobody will be able to see it. You pretty much become invisible.

How can we all avoid the shadow ban?

Don’t use automated software/apps or buy followers.

Buying likes and follows is frowned upon greatly in the social media circles. Even if you haven’t used them in years they can still be linked to your account so check that out by editing your profile and selecting ‘Authorised Applications.’

Stop using broken or banned hashtags.

Look through the hashtags you would like to use and check that non of them are banned.

To do this you need to search for the # you want to use and if only the top post section appears and nothing else (or a message from instagram) that hashtag is more than likely banned. Avoid using it and if you have used it previously, it would be wise to remove it.

Avoid big jumps in your activity/engagement

There are limits to how much we can engage with other accounts without Instagram thinking we are bots so keep that in mind when going on a liking spree.

Everybody’s limits are actually different so try not to exceed 150 likes, 60 comments, 60 follows or unfollows within an hour.

Change up your hashtags

If you’re using the same hashtags every time and/or for long periods of time. Insta will assume you are a bot so try and change them up a little each time you post.

Have 10-20 combinations you can change up by adding new and fresh hashtags in to the mix.

Try not to get reported

Sounds pretty obvious right? But this one may actually be quite tough as you can’t actually stop people from reporting you if they feel like it.

If somebody gets offended by your content they can report you, leading Instagram to shadow ban you or disable your account entirely for violating terms of service.

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