How to Build a Brand That’s Future-proof

Building a business and building a brand are two very different things. One of the main differences is that businesses are solid and change very little over time, but brands are fluid and can change much more often. 

In 2018, this last point is ever truer. To keep up with such a dynamic market, brands are updating and reimagining their identities as often as the weather. And looking at how things are going, this instability isn’t going to go away anytime soon. 

To help you find some solid ground in all the chaos and change, here are four points for how you can build a brand that’s future proof.

1. Launch a newsletter

In 2018, every brand that has anything to say has an email newsletter. It doesn’t have to be another time-intensive marketing activity and turn into the next Daily Stoic or Hacker Newsletter, but because there are so many, it does, at the very least, need to have a unique angle or approach. 

Take the Recomendo newsletter by a group of tech experts that includes Wired founder Kevin Kelly. Each week they send out a list of ‘six brief personal recommendations of cool stuff.’ The stuff can range from TV shows to wireless keyboards to apps that make your pets talk. Because of the expertise and quality of its content, it has quickly become a must-follow for anyone interested in tools or gadgets. 

2. Focus on long-form storytelling  

Many marketing gurus will tell you to be on every social media platform, regardless of your industry or niche. But this advice has quickly lead to over-saturation and a landscape in which everyone is fighting to publish more and more content. 

It’s clear how this is going to end for many brands. Those that focus on quality instead of quantity, though, producing longer form content instead of short click bait, can build a brand that triumphs from it. In a sea of dull and superficial content that fails to really inspire and move anyone, people are crying out for more comprehensive storytelling — and there arguably be no better way to deliver that than via blogging. 

3. Produce video content

Vlogs, movies, TV shows, YouTube videos, memes; video content isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s only becoming more popular, and many brands that are failing to incorporate it into their strategies will simply suffer as a result.

With apps and video-making platforms like Biteable, It’s now easier than ever to avoid this fate. For instance, you can create a three-minute professional, animated explainer video for as little as a few pounds a month. And if you’re looking to really capture your audience’s attention, you can work with a web design agency and create something a bit more tailored and memorable for not much more.

What type of video content is best for you will depend on your business, but one thing’s for certain, if you want to build a brand that thrives over the next few years, you should jump on the bandwagon now before it gets too overcrowded. 

4. Donate your time and expertise 

The more you give the more you get, and this statement works a treat when it comes to building your brand. By offering your time, services, and expertise to your local community, you not only do something fulfilling for yourself but generate exposure for your brand and open the door to many new opportunities and contacts.

Creating this presence in the wider social-sphere is a great way to build a brand that lasts and establish yourself as the go to person on a particular topic or area. Sure, you may be giving away your time and advice for free, but stick with it for a few months or years, and you’ll definitely get much more out of it than you put in.

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