How To Build Your Brand Awareness Online

Not everyone has an endless cash flow to start a new venture. If you have the imagination and the drive though, you need little money.

We’re touching on the things you can do now for free and if you would like to invest in the future you can do that.


Engaging content is always key. You can think you are putting out amazing posts but are they engaging AND eye catching for your potential customers?

It is all well and good posting fire written content but if there’s nothing there to catch peoples eye they will more than likely scroll right on by.

If you aren’t, or you don’t have a graphic design wizard within your company there are great free online creative tools such as Canva and Piktochat to help create graphics easily.

Something to keep in mind when creating and sharing your content to social platforms is the audience for each one.


Whether you are selling products or services, your images need to look great.

Stick loosely to a theme to keep everything ‘on brand’ but not all sell sell sell.

Our favourite Instagram accounts for awesome imagery are…

– @Cultofyouth

A beautiful, natural, peachy keen theme with a personal touch and look in to Kelly’s real life behind the business of jewellery making and being a parent.

– @one44cbd

A CBD company with very solid, fun and bright imagery.

Block colours and a modern pop art theme make this feed super eye catching.

– @beavertownbeer

You only have to scroll through Beavertown’s feed to know they have it nailed visually.

It’s also not all sell sell sell. There are illustrations, lifestyle images, behind the scenes, event and promotion graphics and also (much loved) gifs.

If you don’t have an in house photographer in your midst there are some amazing free editing apps available. We’ve gone in to more detail about those in this post HERE.

Know Your Target Audience

The more you know about your target audience, the more streamlined you can make your content. Especially aiming all your efforts towards the demographic that are most likely to become supporters/spend with your business.

Don’t try and target everyone. This is where mistakes will be made with your marketing strategy trying to please absolutely everyone.

Stay within your niche. For example: if you sell beer from your brewery, you’re not going to target people under the age of 18 or people that don’t drink.

Knowing your audience also means that if you decide to put some money into promotional ad’s in the future, you will already know who to target.

Network Network Network

Networking is effort and if you are hella shy it may be your idea of a nightmare BUT you don’t have to attend all the events if you really don’t want to.

Start conversation with like minded business people and individuals within your niche. Build up friendships, promote each others businesses and see how you could help each other out.

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Aimee Hughes

Aimee Hughes

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