How To Find And Define Your Brand Voice

When starting a brand, more often than not how you want it to look aesthetically will come first without really thinking about the brand voice. Your brand voice is so important in portraying who you are as a business, what you are about and what you want to communicate to your potential customers and clients.

For Example –

If you are a pharmaceutical company your voice need to be knowledgable and professional, replying to customers or writing the content for you website shouldn’t be in common slang or text chat.

Think about the most popular brands around the world and how consistent they are with the content they are putting out.

Imagery always plays a part in your brand voice too.

If you have already been smashing out the content, review it.

Look through your website, blog posts, social media posts, print, any graphics work you may have, advertisements, video and, print.

Look at your best performing content and take note of any themes that may reoccur. Do they fit with your brand purpose?

If you are still questioning who you are as a brand, try the ‘We’re this, not that‘ exercise. Get as many people within the company as you can involved so you can access others views of how you should be portraying the brand.

Pick out 3 or 4 keywords you think best describes who you are and what you are about. Use them going forward.

The next step would be to have your brand guidelines put together in a document that can be accessed by anyone that works within the brand at present and in the future. This should lay out all of your guidelines including image style, typography, logos etc. Anything that has to do with how the brand is portrayed should be within this document. Make it accessible so everyone that needs it can refer to it as and when they need to.

It may be helpful to include a part about the ‘tone’ of the brand.

For Example –

– When dealing with clients/customer complaints, always approach with concern and remain helpful throughout.

– When delivering bad news, be serious and formal.

– You should refer to the keywords from the ‘we’re this not that’ exercise here.

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Aimee Hughes

Aimee Hughes

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