How To Succeed With Social Media Advertising

Social media offers advertisers an audience larger than anyone could have pictured ten years ago. Facebook leads the way with more than 2 billion active users, the largest of any social media platform. To not use the major social media platforms to showcase your business is a major mistake. Here are a few tips to help you succeed with the use of advertising.

Encourage Communication

Create posts that ask a question. This will encourage people to engage with the post and share their thoughts with you. If people engage with your post or ask questions then reply to them in a speedy manner. This displays to customers that you are eager to provide the best possible service. If you receive anything negative, don’t just leave it, it’s much better to address an issue.

Ensure Your Ad Is Mobile Friendly

Most social media users will visit the platforms via their smartphones. Be sure to optimise your ads for use on a mobile and not just for a desktop. Make your image ads bold and colourful so that they are noticeable within a busy news feed.

Understand The Metrics

There are many different acronyms you need to be familiar with such as CPC (Cost per click), CPV (cost per view), CPA (cost per acquisition), ROI (Return on Investment) etc. It’s important to understand what they all mean. You can set different targets based on these metrics and ensure you meet your campaign objectives.

Find Which Channel Is Best Suited For Your Ad

Facebook and Instagram generally work best for all campaigns, whilst Twitter is great for awareness and engagement, YouTube and Snapchat are great for engaging young people whilst we use LinkedIn for a professional audience. You should consider which social media platform to place your ad based on your target audience.

Use Stories

More people are using stories to broadcast short clips. It’s obvious to advertise here. The larger the audience in stories, the greater the chance it will provide a boost to your business.

Keep Updated

Keep a check on the progress of each ad. if after a while there are certain ads performing better than others then have a detailed look as to why this could be. It could be that more people engage with certain photos more than others or it could be the way you worded a particular ad that creates more interest. Don’t refresh all of your ads, only refresh ads with low conversions and leave the well-performing ads as they are.

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