How To Use Instagram Insights Effectively

Data, insights, and analytics help you better understand your audience but it can all be a bit of a minefield. You are putting in the hours and think your social media strategy is rockin’ but how do you actually unless you are sifting through your insights with a fine tooth comb.

To use Instagram Insights you must already have a business account/profile. Here’s how to do this…

  • Make your profile ‘public’. Private profiles can’t be used with a business account.
  • On your own profile, click the gearshift wheel (your setting icon).
  • Scroll down and tap on ‘switch to business profile.
  • When prompted. select the Facebook page you want your Instagram account to be associated with. You must have a Facebook page for your brand. Instagram will give you the option to do that at this time.
  • Review and change any contact information on the ‘set up your business’ profile page.

So, let’s get down to how to view and use ‘insights’. The insight categories you will see are…



– Interactions

This area shows how many times people have tapped on your posts/profile in the last week.

– Discovery

The discovery section shows the number of accounts reached and your total impressions in the last week.


– Feed Posts

Here are all of your feed posts (for the last year) in order of its impressions. This content section also shows you your active ‘stories’ and any promotions you have currently running.



Right at the top, you will see your follower count and how many you have gained in the last month.

– Gender

A pie chart to show you the gender demographics of your followers.

– Age Range

A bar chart to show the age range percentage of your followers.

– Top Locations

The Cities and Countries your followers are based show here. If you tap on these charts it gives your the percentages also.

– Followers

This shows the days and times your followers are most active so you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

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