Make The Most Of Twitter For Business

Although Twitter isn’t able to quite reach the business potential of other platforms, it certainly will benefit your brand to have an active account. Your space in the Twittersphere should be open and honest.

These days, if somebody has an enquiry or complaint, contacting you or twitter for all to see will be most peoples first port of call. Don’t make your entire feed a customer service sanctuary though. Existing and potential customers will still want to see what you can offer, what information they can soak up from you and a personal side to your account by interacting and engaging with other brands and followers.

Although Twitters decision to double their character allowance wasn’t well received at the very beginning, from a marketers perspective, a larger character limit was certainly a bonus.

Limiting replies and info to 140 characters can be creatively stifling, look unprofessional and force you to use some questionable grammar. What language do your followers respond to?

Keep an eye on what works in your ‘tweet activity’ section. Do longer tweets get more impressions and engagement or do shorter, more to the point tweets seem to work best for you? Take that information and utilise it. You could use the longer character limit as an intro to your newest blog post including a link to the article itself for example.

Threads have become the ‘thing’ in Twitterland at the moment with people becoming completely engrossed in what you have to say. Think of it as a place to share a ‘short story’ where you can add context to what you want to share. Add in pictures, links and, GIFs for a more engaging thread.

As with the majority of social media platforms, video always has the best performance rate on Twitter, followed by GIFs and images. As you can tell, visuals are the way to go, in general, to improving your Twitter performance. Shorter videos are usually the most engaging and seem to perform more effectively than a longer length video. Again, keep your eye on your ‘tweet activity’ to see what is working for you and your brand.

Consider your tweet exposure…

Algorithms dominate all social media platforms BUT you can actually increase your exposure by liking your own posts and occasionally retweeting them too.

Happy tweeting!

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