Getting the most out of your pay per click strategy

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a way for you to pay for clicks to your website which is generated by adverts. Successful PPC campaigns can provide substantial ROI, if conversions from ads are being achieved. There are many platforms that offer this service, the most popular being Google Adwords. Compiled below are some useful tips to get the most out of your PPC strategy.

Research keywords

Keywords are a pivotal part of PPC. Your aim is to display your ad in search results once a specific query has been typed searched that relates to your business. You need to understand who your target audience is, then you can relate the content of the ad more specifically. It is also important to understand who your competitors are and how their ads are displayed, this will give you an understanding of how similar products are being advertised and how you can make your ad stand out.

Landing pages

Once an ad is clicked the user will typically be sent to a page on that website. This page should be a unique page and be related to the content in the ad. If the user is sent to a page that doesn’t relate to the information in the ad then they are likely to be discouraged from completing that transaction and could result in a loss of potential custom. Ensuring that once the ad is clicked it takes the user directly to the product page will boost the chances of that search resulting into a purchase.


Some users will visit your site and perhaps add a product to the shopping basket but yet not complete the purchase. If you notice this happening then remarketing to these potential customers could be beneficial. You could provide a discount or a coupon code for them which may persuade them to complete the purchase. Remarketing should be targeting for the following few days or week after someone has visited the site. It wouldn’t be as useful remarketing to a user who visited weeks or months ago as they are less likely to still be interested.

Measuring the data

There are many popular platforms available that allow you to measure the data from your ads. Adwords for example, allows you to measure every advertising channel and compare performances. You can then get an insight as to which ads are performing best and exactly how well they are performing. If an ad isn’t performing well then you might need to tweek the ad and reconsider the demand, audience and keywords used.

Conversion tracking

Conversion tracking will display how effective your ads are converting traffic. This could be via product purchases, phone calls, downloaded apps or form and newsletter sign ups. Tracking gives you the opportunity to view this vital data and a better understanding of how all the campaigns are performing.

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