Promoting Your Ecommerce Store On Instagram

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms to promote your ecommerce store. It currently has over 800 million monthly active users. It was recently noted that around 68% of Instagram followers engage regularly with brands. It’s clear to see how important using this social media platform can be for your ecommerce store. Here is a guide to help you promote your store on Instagram.

Create Engaging Content

Sharing photos of your products on Instagram and sending people to the product page works. Stick to posting content that relates to what you sell. Content helps you to build a relationship and gain the trust of your followers.

Share High Quality Photos of Products

The higher the quality of photos you publish, the more engagement they will have. This will ultimately convince people to purchase. The best photos you can post are ones that display the product in action. If you’re selling clothing then it helps people to picture themselves wearing that clothing.

Use Instagram Ads

Instagram ads increases the chance of your content being seen by your desired audience. There are many different options for advertising on Instagram including video ads, photo ads, carousel ads and stories. It might be worth trialling different ads to find which is best suited and gets the best reaction.

Make Posts Shoppable

You can create shoppable posts by tagging your products in the photos you publish. This gives people the chance to view the product and prices directly through the post itself. It will also link them to your website, allowing them to purchase the product.

These are all useful ways to promote your ecommerce store on Instagram. If you don’t already have an Instagram presence, then you should. Consider posing engaging content at least once a day and see how people engage with your posts.

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