SEO Audit Service

In SEO, knowing what needs improvement is half the battle.

This is why we offer SEO audits as a one-time, standalone service to diagnose the ills of your website. Identifying problematic areas allows us to recommend the best optimisation strategy going forward.

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Omni comprehensively combs through your website to search for issues – major or minor – that may be dampening your rankings. We focus on three core segments: on-page elements, technical SEO, and links. Our audits look at (but are not limited to) the following:

  • On page SEO factors

  • URL structures of all site domains and subdomains

  • Potential redirect issues

  • Potential code issues

  • Potential technical issues

  • External linking strategy

  • Internal linking strategy

  • Site content quality and strategy

  • Potential crawl issues

  • Current analytics data

  • Potential duplicate content issues

  • Sitemaps

  • Current search engine indexing

  • Mobile optimisation

  • Site architecture

  • Social media presence

  • Potential link preservation issues

  • Site technologies

  • Site speed

  • Social signal impact

  • Google Search Console data and errors

    …and more as needed.

This list includes audit basics, but if your website has hidden issues beyond those mentioned, these basics will help us find them.


Omni performs SEO audits on websites of all sizes. From a handful of pages to hundreds of thousands of URLs, we can handle them all.

We’ll start with a short consultation to better understand your business, target audience, and online marketing goals. From there, our experts will dive deep into reviewing your website. We will then provide in-depth insights and actionable solutions that you can use in planning your SEO strategy going forward. You’ll receive a comprehensive SEO audit report that not only enumerates issues but also shows you where opportunities for rankings, lead generation, and traffic improvements lie.

Our SEO audit reports aren’t just spreadsheets that get filed away and forgotten; they become road maps for strategic optimisation plans. We will never hand you a boilerplate file. Our process goes beyond just running your site through generic auditing software and then sending you whatever findings it spits out.

Instead, each SEO audit is done by actual people. You will receive dedicated consultation throughout the process – and we can even help you through audit implementation.

And yes – you can still benefit from a thorough SEO audit even if you’ve already done one in the past. Weighted factors and algorithms and shift over time, so it makes sense to periodically conduct an audit of your website to identify unexpected problems.

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