6 Important SEO Tips You Need To Know

SEO helps you optimise your content so that it displays more often in search results. If you get your SEO wrong then your content is basically invisible. Provided in the following are some useful SEO tips that could lead to increased traffic to your website.

Remove anything that slows down your site

The loading time of a page is vital to both the user and search engine. A slow loading page can be frustrating and can discourage potential customers. The faster the page loads the better as a difference of just a few seconds could be the difference between a conversion and a user getting frustrating and leaving the site. According to eConsultancy, 40% of users leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Provide links to relevant content

If you are elaborating on a post you have previously created, or the content has relation to it, then you might want to provide a reference to that work via a link. This will provide the reader with further information in regards to a topic without having to leave your site. It can also be good SEO practice to provide links to outbound content you may have discovered whilst creating your post, but only do this if the post provides value to your content.

Write unique and relevant meta descriptions

The meta description is the first section that people find once your page appears on the search engine. This section needs to be well crafted so that it entices the user to want to click on your page to read more. The meta description is brief and short so you need to be quite precise in the way you word it.

Use readable and meaningful URLs

The URL of the content is important as it makes it clear what the content on that page involves. Try and keep the URL as short as possible and avoid using any unnecessary words or numbers that don’t provide any useful insight. A URL with upto six words makes it more memorable, easier to type and search engine friendly.

Choose relevant keywords

Keywords help your content in being discovered. They should feature multiple times in your content and should be included in your title and URL. There are a number of keyword planners available to use which will help you discover which keywords are the most useful to your topic.

If you upload images into your content then it’s useful to rename the image in relation to your post. It’s also worth renaming the image alt-tag so that if the image doesn’t load you have text in place as an alternative.

Create and publish unique content regularly

Creating unique and engaging blog posts is a must. You should post regularly regardless of the size of your audience as it displays consistency. Your content can then be shared, liked and discussed via social media to help boost attraction to your site and what you do.

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