Social Media Trends For 2020

The world of Social Media changes pretty drastically year upon year so its always a good idea to make sure you are up to date with the latest and updated trends.

Here are some we think you should be thinking about…

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is bigger than ever and absolutely not going anywhere.

Kendall Bird, Social Media Manager at DKY says…

‘Social media users know what a forced relationship with a brand looks like, and they’re tired of seeing these interactions.’

‘I encourage brands and companies to look for influencers who will authentically use their product or service and share it with their audiences.’

We think this is what will be the biggest change with influencer marketing after the backlash of ‘influencers’ buying likes and follows.

Celebs like the Kardashian/Jenners can fetch in as much as 1.5 million dollars PER Instagram post but does anybody truly believe they are sat in their mansions chowing down on tummy flattening gummies?

We sincerely hope not.

Having a clear influencer strategy that works alongside your marketing campaigns, making sure you vet the influencers first to establish whether they are genuine and an authentic fit with your company.

Tik Tok

Let’s start with a little summin summin from Tik Tok founder and CEO Brandon Doyle…

‘Organic reach on Tik Tok is like nothing we’ve ever seen. It’s better than even the early days of Facebook.’

‘Create content that will resonate with your target audience, but be willing to test and iterate over time to see what works best. We’ve seen incredible results for our clients. The ad platform is early-stage but the ROI there is great too.’

Read our post about how you can use Tik Tik for business HERE.

Social Ads

Social ads are becoming increasingly advanced the more comfortable consumers are with shopping through social media platforms.

Don’t use the same strategy with each ad campaign. Approach each one like it is the first, to avoid being a boring and predictable brand. Look at your ad budget and make sure you are using it wisely and for correct demographic.

Have you used video for your social ads yet?


Well, you should.

Video Marketers grow revenue around 49% faster than non-video marketers.

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Aimee Hughes

Aimee Hughes

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