The 5 Essentials of Every Digital Marketing Strategy

It can be tough to stand out online today even if you employ every new tip or tactic from every noteworthy book or blog.

The digital landscape is changing at an ever faster pace, with trends and updates arriving just as quickly as they depart. Rather than getting all caught up in the commotion and losing your direction, the best advice, as always, is to touch base and ensure you have a solid and workable strategy in place.

In 2018, customers are fickle and trust is scarce. But this is more a reflection of the market than a trait of the buyers. And as a result, one thing that has never changed, and likely never will, is that quality and integrity matter most.

Flashy tools and new methods will come and go, but an offering based on a high-quality, value-driven strategy will never be out of vogue. Make sure you establish a solid digital marketing strategy will these five essentials for every business.

Get To Know Your Target Audience

One of the best ways to get to know about your audience will always be to study who’s buying from your competitors.

In 2018, this is easier than ever. You can create a highly-detailed target customer profile just by doing a little investigating into competitor’s followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their news feeds also allow you to research and learn what strategies are working in your niche and what to avoid. Take advantage of the comments and the instant feedback that’s available thanks to social media, as well, and your strategy will be miles ahead of that of the average business.

Use Unique, Original Content

Near enough every market online is today saturated with companies all trying to attract the same customers with the same content.

Don’t be afraid to ramp up your game. Quality and diversity are always better than quantity and uniformity. Customers will be more likely to engage with a brand that puts itself out there and stands for something, rather than one that plays it safe by following the crowd and standing for nothing. Plus, interesting, controversial, and unique content is much more likely to shared and commented on around the web.

Be Interactive

Asking your customers for feedback is the quickest, most effective, and by far most overlooked way to shape a powerful digital marketing strategy.

Although it may seem obvious, your customers are in the best position to give you advice, and given the opportunity to do so, they won’t hesitate in telling you everything you could do better. The trick is to get the right input on the right topics and not rely on it like it’s the word of God. You can do this by requesting input in a more informal manner than the traditional questionnaire — say with a Facebook message, email newsletter, or monthly competition.

Be Consistent

Quality may trump quantity, but add them together and you get the daddy of them both: consistency.

The more content you post, the higher you’ll rank in the SERPs, the greater the probability of going viral, and the more authoritative you’ll appear to your audience. What’s more, if your posting schedule isn’t consistent or there’s too much lag time between each one, people will quickly lose interest and go elsewhere. Use a tool like Buffer to keep content flowing to your social sites and make sure your mobile and desktop blogs are easy to navigate.

Hire The Professionals

When first starting out with your digital marketing campaign, it can generally be managed by just one person. But when you grow or if you’re already a big outfit from the start, it can quickly get out of hand and become a full-time job.

For smaller business owners, this can be overwhelming and encroach on valuable time that could be spent elsewhere. Hiring a professional digital marketing team cannot only take some of the pressure off, but provide you with expert guidance that will dramatically improve your presence online.

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Alistair Hague

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