The Best Ways To Use Each Social Platform Explained

Before going full throttle posting to your social media platforms, take a little time to understand how each one is used better so you can get it right from the very start.

Here’s a handy guide to see you through…


Facebook is geared towards news and entertainment so use Facebook to give information on your products and services and promote your blog posts.

– Sends more website referral traffic than any other social media platform.

– Facebook loves video content.


Instagram is best suited for a strong visual brand.

– Highly aesthetic platform for great imagery and short eye catching video.


Twitter is in actual fact treated as a news app. Giving your followers information goes down well here.

– Conversations with potential clients and customers will usually happen on Twitter.

– Great for sharing blog content and promoting your website.


– Often used as an inspiration space for projects.

– Highly visual platform for great imagery.

– Good for getting leads to your website especially for ‘hot to’ blog posts.


– LinkedIn is a professional networking platform so the content you share should reflect this.

– Heavily used for sharing industry news and articles and general professional content.

– A great platform for connecting with industry professionals and even promoting jobs.

Social Calendars

Every business should start with a social calendar. This will make it easier to plan and come up with content relevant to each platforms needs and wants.

Also, you can go back and look at what has been working for your business in terms of posts through insights and analytics. Study these for each platform because where one post make have done well on Facebook at 7pm, it may have bombed on Insta.

Work out which times and days seem to work best and what type of content your followers responded to or engaged with etc etc.

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Aimee Hughes

Aimee Hughes

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