The power of fresh content

It’s easy to fall into the habit of investing in your website design, filling your new website with content and then leaving it as it is. With so many different types of digital marketing to consider, it’s tempting to think that once your website is finished it’s time to move onto something else.

When was the last time you made changes to your website? If it’s been a while, it’s time to either update some of your existing content or create new content to keep your website up to date.

We’ve all visited websites that feature out of date information or look like they aren’t a priority for the business behind them. Often your website is one of the first impressions you have on potential customers, so it’s essential to keep it updated and full of useful, engaging content.

One of the main reasons to keep your website up to date is to make sure that essential details are correct. This can include information like phone numbers, email addresses, changes in staff and the products or services you offer.

Another key reason to refresh the content on your website is because websites which are regularly updated with quality content are more likely to rank highly in search results. This is because you’re signalling that your website is current, with lots of interesting content for your ideal audience. This is great news not only for search engine optimisation (SEO) purposes, but as part of a strategy to continually inform, entertain or engage your audience.

Write a blog post

The best way to keep your website updated regularly is to write blog posts.

Blogging can be a powerful tool to help you get more traffic to your website, attract potential customers and build your authority as the go-to business in your niche – among other blogging benefits. By creating valuable content and applying SEO principles your blog posts are more likely to rank in search results.

Never written a blog post before? Don’t worry – it’s something that gets easier with time.

If you don’t have a blog section on your website already you should be able to start one. Most content management systems (CMS) have this built in, but if you’re not sure get in touch with us and Omni can help.

Add news or press releases to your website

For lots of us, press releases are a useful way to gain interest from the press and media about our success, innovation and the work we do.

Once they’ve been distributed to the press, consider adding your press releases to your website too. Create a digital ‘newsroom’ and list all your press releases in one place. You could also add other elements like a photo gallery or videos and include a link to this page when sending future press releases.

Update your ‘About’ page

People who are interested in working with you will often check out your ‘about me’ or ‘about us’ page to find out more about you.

There’s a lot that someone can learn about you from this page, including your personality, how you approach business, your values and who’s on your team. It’s one of the most valuable pages on your website, so if it’s been a while since you created it maybe it’s time for a refresh.

Your ‘about’ page can really sell you to potential customers in your ideal audience and have the added benefit of turning away those who aren’t a good fit for you. Make sure your page shines and really helps visitors to your website understand who you are, your history and passion for your business and why they should work with you.

Add testimonials to your website

Testimonials and quotes from clients can help to persuade someone to call, email you or buy on the spot. They offer powerful social proof that you’ve done great things for a customer and give an insight into what working with you or buying from you is like.

The right testimonials, much like your ‘about’ page, can make you more appealing to the right people. Potential customers will look for quotes which mention things that are important to them, for example outstanding service or a collaborative approach.

Try to feature quotes and testimonials from customers which are specific and highlight the transformation they’ve received. Place them throughout your website and keep them short – a few lines at most. For anything longer consider creating a section on your website for more in-depth case studies.

Update your services or product page

Do you have a service or product which is the focus of your attention? It’s time to make sure that page is delivering results for you. If it isn’t, it could benefit from a refresh or a rewrite.

Review your service or product pages and think about whether there’s any outdated information that needs to be replaced. Has it been improved with new features? Do you have any testimonials or reviews you could feature? It’s also great to refresh the imagery on the page, so if you have some new high-quality photography or a video to add this could help convince visitors to work with or buy from you.

Update product descriptions

Do you have an online store? If so, look over your listings and see if you can improve your product descriptions. Not only do these descriptions help to encourage potential buyers to add the item to their basket, a well-written product description can help that product to rank better in relevant search results too.

Make sure that your descriptions match the personality of your brand. Some online retailers opt for bullet points written in language that appeals to their ideal reader, whereas others like to add detail through story-driven paragraphs instead. Whatever your approach, be sure to include keywords which describe the product and make the content easy to read.

Like with your product or service pages, if there’s any new photography you can add to your products then now’s a great time to do it. Also look to see if there are ways you can improve the user experience – for example, can you add more photos of products or link to an improved size guide?

Create a new landing page for a promotion

Our final idea to help you keep your website updated is to create a landing page for a promotion, offer or new product.

Having a dedicated landing page for a promotion or offer can be valuable in many ways. It creates a dedicated environment for you to talk about your offer and why it’s beneficial to your customers. It also presents a new opportunity for your website to rank well for relevant search phrases, with some help from simple SEO techniques. You’ll also find tracking the effectiveness of marketing activity easier, as you can direct people to a specific page and monitor conversions.

Landing pages can also work well as part of funnel, designed to bring a potential customer into your ecosystem. A landing page which promotes an enticing offer and asks for an email address in exchange for something of value can convert visitors to email subscribers, who can in turn become customers.

Ready to refresh your website content?

We hope that this guide has inspired you to plan and create some new content for your website. Whether you decide to start a weekly blog series or refresh the copy on your services page, your commitment to great content should start to pay off.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Sheffield we understand that it’s not always possible for you to handle every aspect of your marketing, even if you’d like to. If you’d like to work with us on content writing we’d be happy to hear from you – you can get in touch with us here.

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Emily Ledger

Emily Ledger

Emily Ledger is Copywriter and Digital Content Creator at Omni. Having studied journalism at Sheffield Hallam University, Emily specialises in feature and magazine writing, as well as niche industry-focused news.

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