The Problem With Bots

Bots have always been an issue when it comes to an authentic social media following and has become worse since Instagram decided to bring in the Algorithm back in 2016.

Since the change, it has become increasingly difficult to reach potential followers/customers resulting in many more accounts buying followers and/or likes to build up their account and appear more reputable.

The problem with Bots is…

– This tactic of using bots is really easy to see through

– You are cheating your way to the top

– It’s not authentic or organic, how can potential customers trust that?

– If you get called out on it, others may follow suit giving you a bad rep

There are many reasons to not pay for likes and followers other than those above. Let’s take a look at them…

– Engagement

Generally speaking, the more followers you have the more your engagement rate will go down. Instagram accounts over 1 million followers tend to see an engagement rate of only 1.7%.

Accounts that fall in the 10,000-100,000 follower bracket have around a 2.4% engagement rate.

Those in the 1,000-10,000 follower group tend to have a 4% engagement rate and that doubles to 8% for those with less than 1,000 followers.

A dead giveaway on an account with bought likes/followers is the disproportionate amount of comments on each post. If there are loads of likes but barely any comments OR if the comments are super short like ‘nice’ ‘awesome’ ‘good job’ it’s likely they’ve been paid for.

– You Could Get Your Account Deactivated

Since 2014, Instagram has deactivated millions of fake accounts. When you buy Instagram likes you are actually violating their Terms Of Service and although some are still slipping through the net, Instagram does have a dedicated team identifying spam. Any accounts they think fit the bill will either be suspended or shut down.

It’s really not worth it, is it?

– You Can’t Make Money From A Fake Following

Yes, your brand/business may appear bigger than it is (at first glance) BUT fake followers won’t make you any money now, will they?

Having a huge following doesn’t mean brands/influencers are going to automatically want to work with you. There are so many tools out there now so brands can easily identify real deal accounts from fakes one. They won’t just be looking at the number of followers you have but how good your engagement rate is as engagement holds more value.

The moral of the story here is be true to your brand and the business will come to you in an honest way.

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