Three techniques that help create great content for your blog

A huge part of our marketing strategy for every client is content marketing. Blogging is easily the best way for connecting with your prospects. It also does wonders for your SEO, gives your company a voice, and helps build the status of your brand in the niche. Plus, B2B businesses that blog nab 67 percent more leads.

Writing for all sorts of different companies, I learned a thing or two about crafting posts that engage the target audience. Here are three tactics of creating a blog post that grabs the attention of your audience and jump-starts your sales.

Pick the right topic; here’s how to do it

How can you come up with a great idea for a blog post? Your customers are the best source of content ideas. Talk to your customers to learn what they need and desire. Write to them and ask about their pain points and problems. Are you able to solve them in your blog posts?

The next step is to research keywords. That’s not to say that you should base your entire content marketing strategy on targeting the right keywords. Good content marketing delivers value, solves problems and builds relationships. Still, a keyword can direct you to a potential topic for your next post.

Type a general keyword into a tool like and you’ll get a list of Google searches associated with this keyword for inspiration. Have a look at social media to pick up trending topics and see what your target is talking about.

It’s also smart to share your experience like I did in this post in which I explained what I’ve learned as my team grew three times bigger.

Distribute your blog post

Writing up your blog post is just one part of the job. To make sure that it reaches and engages your target, you need to properly distribute it.

Instead of spamming your social media followers with the link to your post, share it in relevant contexts. Go for discussion groups and threads that focus on the topic you explore in the post.

Don’t forget to optimise your blog post for SEO. How else will your target find it when typing a relevant phrase to Google? Companies that blog receive 97 percent more links to their website, so blogging is definitely worth it if link building is your SEO priority.

Remember that your blog is part of a content funnel

To run a successful company blog, you need to make it part of a larger content marketing strategy. Develop your content strategy first. It’s not worth it to write posts into a vacuum.

Your strategy needs a clear goal and a funnel structure which leads prospects step-by-step toward your objective. That objective can be getting a trial version of your product, or even making a purchase.

It is only then that you can successful use your blog as one of the steps visitors take as they enter and go down your sales funnel.

Key takeaway

HubSpot found out that marketers who prioritise blogging are 13 times more likely to get positive ROI. If you’ve got something interesting to say and a niche waiting for your content, just go for it.

Don’t lose on the opportunity for generating more leads and set up a company blog right now.

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