Top 3 Ways to Build Brand Engagement

Building a relationship with your audience in the ever developing online landscape isn’t easy. From reductions in organic reach to evoking engagement with your audience, developing this relationship is crucial for success in 2019.

To navigate your way through the algorithms here are 3 ways to build engagement with your brand.

Engaging Visuals Are Key

An average Facebook post gets 120% less engagement than posts that include an image. The same applies for other visual media such as memes, GIFs, original graphics and video content. By utilising these medium you can not only engage your audience but you can find new and creative ways of building the relationship with your audience.

Free online creative tools like Piktochart and Canva can help create unique visuals even if you’re not an artistic visionary. From templates to stock images, the sites are built to make creating engaging content easy.

Even food giants like Taco Bell, who primarily use YouTube to promote video content use engaging images to draw their audience to their latest promotions. Instead of creating a post that simply contains a video preview, Taco Bell include a relevant photo to their post to direct their audience a build engagement.

Yet on visual media platforms like Instagram you are competing with other engaging images. This is wear high quality videos can be used to engage your audience. Videos, info graphics, live streams, interviews can all be used to build your brand. video can be a refreshing medium and a quick way to get your message across to your audience when its also included in your story and highlights section.

Give Value

Whilst creativity is always useful when building your brand, sometimes the the tried and tested techniques work just as well. Attractive offers can always engage your audience and raises awareness of your brand.

From discounts, freebies or membership offers, whatever your brand, everybody loves a deal. but value doesn’t just come in a monetary form. When you promoting your brand it is easy to focus on what you want from your audience and not what you can give.

By offering something to your audience outright, it builds trust in in your brand and can increase your social media engagement.

Learn Your Advance and How to Advertise to Them

Last year Facebook modified its algorithm to focus on targeted adverts. When building brand engagement, Facebook provides an “offer ad” feature. This allows fans to redeem offers online or redeem them in store.

Boosting ads is designed for you to tailor you’re advent to specifically engage a tailored advance. From gender, sex, race to age and location, Facebook allows you to narrow down your target demographic in order to build your brand.   

Facebook’s Help Centre also offers tips to create a successful offer advert. Your discounts should be clear and offer substantial discounts of at least 20% in order to reach more people.

A visual image should be included in order to engage your audience. Pictures of people using your product is proven to provide better results instead of a logo or product photo.

If a clear expiration date is given on the offer, this will provoke urgency and a call to action on your offer. you can also pin your offer to the top of your page in order to optimise engagement.

These points are just starting points to build your brand engagement. When you’re implementing these tactics, experiment in order to compare varying results and modify your social media strategy. This will allow growth for further brand engagement for your and help build a sturdy relationship with devoted customers.

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