Top Tips for Battling Creative Block Over Lockdown

Our worlds have been turned upside down in 2020 and for a lot of people, this has meant our homes have turned into our office spaces. With everything that’s going on around us and the news of a second lockdown, the current global crisis and being confined in our homes adds pressure and heightened stress to our creative process.

With our lives slowing down once again, we might begin to notice that there aren’t as many things to inspire us. It can be hard to get motivated when every day feels like groundhog day. Whether you have adapted or not, here are some tips on how to create a successful working space at home…

Find yourself a dedicated space – spruce it up, make it personal

When working from home you may be restricted to only a couple of places within your house. Keep your workspace fresh by surrounding yourself with things that inspire you. Are you a plant person? Add some greenery and florals into your workspace. Are there certain colour palettes that make you happy? Try to surround yourself with visuals that make you feel happy and inspired. Is there somewhere you can put up a pinboard? You could fill this with inspiration and ideas for current projects.

Get inspired with research – try new things

Have you hit a brick wall with ideas? Stuck for what to do next? Search through Pinterest, search hashtags on Instagram, take a look at Behance to see what other designers have been working on. Why not ‘ask the audience’ and send around what you have done to your team or friends, get some constructive feedback – sometimes you can be your own worst critic. Try and find new ways to exercise your brain, read books, and blogs to inspire your creative process.

Call your team – make your network accessible

Here at OMNI the team is super close, we find it a lot harder to work creatively without each other’s encouragement, feedback, and the team’s ability to keep spirits high. To keep us all connected we have been using Slack to talk about projects and have video meetings, we have also been using it to socialise with group chats and video calls with a few beers!

Get space from your desk – get some fresh air, do a workout, make a coffee.

When your creative juices are just not flowing, get up from your desk, grab a snack or a coffee, take 5 minutes away from your workspace, this can refresh your brain and get the cogs moving again. Why not use your ‘one exercise a day’ at lunch time to break up the day, pop out for a walk, or do an Instagram live workout! I can’t swear by this enough – get the blood flowing and give yourself small tasks to achieve throughout the day.

We are all in this together, lean on your team/friends, give yourself some credit, and keep being creative!

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Harriet Jones

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