Useful Event Goals To Track In Google Analytics

If you want to know how your website is performing and how customers are interacting with your website, then you need to set goals. Tracking event goals in Google Analytics provides you with an insight that can be of value to your business. So what events should you be tracking?

Form Submissions – You can discover when a form has been submitted but also when it hasn’t. If a form has been abandoned then it’s worth considering whether the form contains too many required fields or is lengthy. You can also track how far a person progresses through a form.

Outbound Link Clicks – You may have links heading outbound from your website such as to other websites or to your social media pages. You can track where a visitor heads next and this can be useful to see how popular your links are and how often they are being visited. It may also show you where best to place links. You may find links placed in a certain location within text or on a page to be more popular than other areas.

Add To Cart – This metric provides you with information as to when a user adds a product to their shopping cart. It also gives you the chance to see whether a shopper converts the cart add into a sale. The abandonment of the shopping cart is a very useful metric to track as it provides you with a better understanding of conversion rates. You can then seek to find out why shoppers abandon certain products and remove them from their cart.

Engaged User – This can be helpful in understanding how long a visitor is present on your site. You can set a timer to track if a visitor has been present for a certain time. If you discover that visitors aren’t engaged on your site for very long, then you might consider re-evaluating the layout or content on certain pages.

Scroll Tracking – This displays how far down a page a visitor scrolls. This could be set to 25%, 50%, 75%, or the full page. This information is useful as it displays where the most important content should be and potentially inform you if a page is too long or unengaging, making the visitor not want to spend too much time on that page.


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