Turning Facebook Followers Into Customers

You may have thousands of followers on your Facebook business page, but aren’t noticing much of a difference in terms of custom from it. If this is the case, then there are many ways in which you can generate more engagement from your followers and see an increase in customers.

Create Competitions

Many competitions businesses create on Facebook ask the person to share a post, like a page or comment on a post in order to participate. Consider creating a competition where the prize is a product that your targeted audience would really want to win. You can then create ads and posts to boost the interest. Invite the people to share the contest and like your page for a bonus entry. Something that gives them even more chance of winning. This way you will not only be engaging with your followers but you will also get more followers simply because of the product you’re displaying. This could lead to more people wanting to visit you website to see the other products you sell.

Coupons & Discounts

By following you, fans have shown an interest in who you are. This could be because of the interesting content you post or because they have purchased from you before. You could create many different types of coupons to entice people to buy from you such as a coupon for liking a page or commenting on a post. Whichever coupon you choose, it will encourage the person to want to buy from you. You could also provide your followers with a discount. Perhaps even get them to engage with your page in order to receive a discount code.

Make Products Look & Sound More Enticing

A product posted by itself can sometimes look boring. If you accompany the product with an interesting story that relates to it, then more people will be interested. For example, if you’re selling a packet of seeds, don’t just display a picture of the seed package, show your followers what it looks like when it has grown. You could also share a link so that people know how to successfully grow it.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just getting started in building your Facebook presence or have been present on there for many years, with the above you can build brand awareness and boost sales for your business.

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