How to Use Facebook to Launch Your Brand

Launching a brand or company can be a risky business move. Which is way using effective, efficient and low-cost strategies are important.

Luckily, the internet happened – making this mission possible with the power of social media.

So, what you can do…

  1. Facebook Page

With more than 60 million monthly active business Pages on Facebook it is essential to provide your business with an online presence, so customers can easily find information and contact you anywhere, anytime.

You’re only click away from your customers! And everything they need to know about you. Including opening times, prices and even your popular business hours.

They can find you easily by connecting your location with google maps.

This is step one to building your Facebook portfolio.

  1. Unique Content

The best way to get noticed is to use your content to inform about your company values, show your expertise in your given field, and provide useful information to potential consumers.

While Page posts should still reflect your business, they shouldn’t look or feel like ads. Instead, they can be more creative representations of your brand story.

Creativity teamed with consistent branding will attract new followers and produce loyal customers.

Don’t forget to make all posts mobile-ready!

  1. Use the Features

It’s important that your Page posts are relevant to your target audience — this is what encourages engagement and helps you build relationships.

Audience Optimization is a tool to help you reach and engage your audience on Facebook and better understand the interests of people clicking on your posts.

Other useful tools include the ‘Insights’ tab that which allows you to correlate specific posts with audience engagement. You can then establish what is or isn’t working.

  1. Collaborate

Influencers are a great strategy when obtaining new business, increasing your reach, and increasing your follower count.

If you get a highly active/popular social media influencer on board with your brand, his/her followers will be closely behind.

You’re more likely to be successful in landing impressive influencers and collaborators the more you post unique content to your page. So, don’t forget to post frequently and creatively.

Facebook provides plenty of useful tools and helpful guides so don’t shy away from going digital. Once you’ve got the knack for it, you’ll never start a business without it.

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