Why Does Your Business NEED Social Media?

Social media is not only great for brand identity but also online presence. How many times have you searched for or stumbled upon a brand on social media?

I know for me personally that if a brand isn’t active on social media I will quickly forget about them and move onto a brand that does have a presence and catches my eye by interacting.

– Having A Social Media Presence

By having a social media presence you are giving outsiders a look into how you want your business/brand to be perceived, you are making it more personal.

FACT – Brands with active social media accounts have more loyal customers.

– Think Of Your Competition

You don’t want to fall behind your competition when it comes to social media strategies.

If your competitor’s reel in your potential customers before you do and earn their trust, you may have a hard time earning their loyalty to you.

– Boosting Site SEO & Traffic

Well placed social media posts with a link to your website/page can make a huge impact on driving traffic to it.

Think about it, you’ve got a swanky new web page you want the world to see BUT you don’t use social media, who is actually going to see it?

Driving traffic to your optimised pages as well as a top-notch SEO strategy will help your page climb to the top search engine spots.

– Putting Out Social Media Fires

Complaining and bad mouthing on social media has grown rapidly in recent years with people preferring to do it publicly. It makes an impact and is usually dealt with much more quickly than using a customer service telephone line.

You need to be on social media platforms so you can put out the flames and respond quickly and efficiently before it makes a serious impact on your brand.

Remeber not to only respond to complaints but also to general inquiries and mentions too.

– Sales It’s not surprising that having a solid social media campaign drives sales (if that’s what you do)

Being active and at the forefront of consumers minds is obviously going to make them more likely to purchase from you than a brand that hasn’t had any social media presence for the last month or EVER.

– Broaden Your Consumer Horizons

Follow specific streams to follow keywords on Twitter, this way you can find people using those keywords and where relevant, direct them to your site.

Using marketing this way is great, it’s personal and helpful and consumers love that.

Getting into conversations through social media can also give your insights and boost meaning the potential for new followers rises.

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