Why using Google Analytics is important for your website

Google Analytics doesn’t just supply you with insights for your website, it can be extremely valuable to the success of your business. You can gather data about how users visit your site and what they do whilst there. This data can be very beneficial to analyse.

Mastering Google Analytics can be difficult as there are great amounts of data available and much to understand. Whether you use Google Analytics or not, here are a few key areas every marketer should be familiar with.


Every website has goals it wants to achieve, whether that is the selling of products or encouraging users to sign up to a newsletter. Setting up goals allow you to improve the conversion process via identifying the steps users make before abandoning an action. This could be a user who adds an item to the cart but doesn’t checkout. You can set goals to track different user interactions such as completed purchases, form sign ups and many more. Setting up goals can help you to ensure you meet your business objectives.

Page Views

The page view metric is very useful as it displays how often visitors access content on your site. Some pages will have a greater number of views than others and this could be due to a number of reasons such as the quality of the content. Displayed here you can view interesting data such as the average time a user spends on a particular page and how often a user exits once on that page. If a user is spending a lengthy period of time on a particular page then it might be because they are finding it difficult to get to their desired destination.

Real-Time Reporting

The real-time report allows you to monitor activity as it occurs. You can get an overview of many different areas including how many users are currently viewing your website and the most active pages. Real-time reporting can be useful in many ways such as the ability to monitor goal completions as they occur and the location people are viewing your site from. If you decide to set up tracking then this section is also useful so that you to test tracking codes are working properly.

Device Category

This data displays which devices your website is being viewed on. If you have a lot of traffic from a particular device such as a mobile device then you might consider making your website more mobile friendly so that the user gets a better experience on that device. You can even break the data down further and discover which brand of device your website is being viewed on.

Traffic Channels

This shows the top channels that drive traffic to your site. You can explore this area to find out which marketing channel is best for your business and improve your SEO. You can break down this data further to discover more specifically where people are coming from to visit your site, this could be through social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

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