Why Your Website Is Important To Your Marketing Strategy

Your website is the shop window to your organisation so it’s critical that it’s maintained, updated and functional. Would you go into the shop with a carefully designed and creative shop window or would you go into the one that has been neglected, isn’t up to date and has last year’s products in the window? You need to remember that a customer’s first impression of you can be your own ‘website shop window’ and you want to welcome them in and create their digital journey.

Is your website dormant?

Some organisations will have had a website for years but they’re often neglected or just left to function on their own with no proper maintenance or updates. You need to be seen to be active and that you’re at the forefront of your business.

Your website serves a range of purposes but the most important is that it acts as a communication tool and it needs to clearly articulate what you do, ensure the customers have a clear journey and address what the culture of the company is.

Show Yourself Off

Your website is your chance to show off what you do best, bring in business and be a portal for everything about what your company does. So why do so many companies leave their website to fight for itself? It usually comes down to time, money and having the resource to keep it updated.

How does your website stand up against your competitors? Look at your website now and compare it to your competitors. Is it the best it can be? Does the functionality meet 2017 standards? Does it showcase your brand? If your answer is no to any of these questions make sure your marketing strategy doesn’t forget the most basic of digital tools.


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Aimee Hughes

Aimee Hughes

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